Valentines Day Table Settings For Two

As with any holiday, it’s fun to add some festivity with your dinner table settings. After all, the holiday dinner is the highlight of any celebration! So, the atmosphere for that dinner should reflect what you are celebrating. Valentines Day is an extra special time to create an intimate and romantic table for two. You can accomplish this simply or get more extravagant, depending on your taste. I tend to go for the more simple styles that still have some wow factor. It really doesn’t take too much to create a festive atmosphere as you will see from these great examples of Valentines Day table settings.

The nice thing is that all of these can be done quickly leaving you plenty of time to cook up a great meal!

valentines day table settings

Here are six fantastic ideas for setting the stage for a romantic dinner.

Valentines Day Table Settings

Scatter Some Rose Petals Around

valentines day table settings

The first example is one of my favorites and it is a simple idea using rose petals. To me, that screams romance! All you need to do is buy fresh roses or petals from a florist. You can even pick up some roses at the grocery store and peel off the petals for a more inexpensive option. If you don’t want to use real petals, you can also buy silk petals from Michaels very reasonably. Then, have fun tossing them around your table!

However, if you are more into candy than you are flowers, this next idea is equally as festive.

Scatter Hershey Kisses On The Table

valentines day table setting

The only problem that I can see is keeping those candies on the table and out of your mouth, at least until after dinner!

Decorate In Red And White

valentines day table setting

This festive table setting is made up of plastic plates that you can get from a party supply store or maybe even the party aisle at your favorite store. Even the champagne flutes are plastic. The red napkins are easily folded into a heart shape for a festive look. Red and white really sets the mood.

Find Some Festive Valentine Craft Paper

valentines day placemat

Decoupage some valentine craft paper or wrapping paper to a square or rectangular piece of cardboard to make romantic placemats that will dress up any place setting. As you can see, nothing else is needed accept for a wonderful decorative pastry of course!

More Red And White

red and white table setting

The simple red and white decor is just right for Valentines Day. The fact that the napkins are decorated with birds instead of hearts is a nice little change from the norm. I like to think that they are love birds!

This next example is just a soft whisper of decorating that I love!

Subtle Scrabble Letters

pink table setting

The branches, twine and soft pink give a style as fresh as the outdoors. Using scrabble letters to spell out a romantic message is just icing on the cake!

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