25 Thanksgiving Centerpieces You Can Make

The Thanksgiving table is going to be full of wonderful and eye appealing food that you almost don’t need anything else on the table. Everyone will already be drooling over everything they see. But when all of the side dishes are quickly devoured, you may want something left on the table that is pretty and festive. That is when the centerpiece will really be noticed and appreciated. Thanksgiving centerpieces can be anything from a few pumpkins to an all out crafty display. I’ll show you some great ideas that will give you some creative inspiration.

With Thanksgiving being in the Fall, capitalizing on some of the natural elements like leaves, pine cones, and nuts are great natural and rustic choices. You can’t beat the beauty found in nature and whenever you can bring some of that inside, it makes a bold impact. And, you will be surprised at how elegant you can make your table with some of these items from nature. I found several great examples of Thanksgiving centerpieces that are easy to put together and that will make a big statement on your table.

To give your entire home a festive look for the holiday, make sure to check out some of these thankful crafts that even include a free Thanksgiving printable.

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Thankful Tree Centerpiece

thankful tree Thanksgiving centerpiece
SOURCE: Thankful Tree For Thanksgiving

This tree was made from an old wire cable that we welded to a salvaged metal hook for the base. The thankful cards are then scattered around the tree and table on pewter leaf card holders.

Pumpkins, Pipberries, And Paper Sheds Centerpiece

pumpkin, pipberry, and paper shed Thanksgiving Centerpiece
SOURCE: Worthington Court

Although pumpkins are popular to use on the Thanksgiving table, they don’t have to be traditional. I love the elegant and airy look of this Thanksgiving centerpiece that features velvet pumpkins. When combined with some papers shreds and pipberry strands, the look is both unique and chic. 

You can either purchase velvet pumpkins to recreate this look. Or, make your own by following the same tutorial I did for sweater pumpkins. Just substitute the sweater material for velvet.


A Fresh Apple Centerpiece

fresh apple Thanksgiving centerpiece
SOURCE: Julie Blanner

Besides pumpkins, the first thing that comes to mind with the start of Fall are fresh apples. When it comes to decorating the Thanksgiving table, apples are a perfect pick. They add pretty color in such a simple way. I love how this display just flows down the center of the table. Thanksgiving centerpieces like this can also be completely free to put together.

fall white pumpkin pillow
AVAILABLE AT AMAZON: Fall Pumpkin Pillow

Thanks Can Votive Holder Centerpiece

thankful can candle holders
SOURCE: A Beautiful Mess

It’s always great to be able to upcycle a throwaway item into some fun new decor. I love that these votive holders are made from common tin cans from the pantry and yet they look so elegant. A tin can should never be underestimated for what it can become! I have used plenty of empty cans myself in projects. The last one being a new tin can herb garden!

Tiered Tray Thanksgiving Centerpiece

tiered tray thanksgiving centerpiece
SOURCE: Celebrated Nest

A great way to add height to your Thanksgiving table is to fill a tiered tray with mini pumpkins and other embellishments. You know how pretty these trays look when they are filled with treats. It just makes sense to use one to decorate your table as well! Use either an actual tiered tray or stack together a few pedestal trays like this display.


Antler And Acorn Centerpiece

antler and acorn thanksgiving centerpiece

Whenever I can incorporate an antler into my decorating, I do. Even for Thanksgiving centerpieces. It helps that we’ve accumulated quite a few over the years since my husband is a hunter! I like using them in a table arrangement as a fun rustic filler. This antler helps to anchor the small white pumpkins with the rest and the pip berry holds it all together.

If you like the rustic look of the birch bark pumpkin, you can learn how to make your own at my post, Rustic Pumpkin Craft Using Birch Bark. It’s pretty easy to make!

Wired Up Pumpkin Centerpiece

wired pumpkin centerpiece

Here is another fun idea, for a Thanksgiving centerpiece, using pumpkins.  What makes this arrangement special is the use of all of the bark covered wire.  The wire wrapped around the pumpkins in various patterns adds a fun rustic element along with the leaves and wheat arrangements scattered throughout.


DIY Menu Pumpkin Centerpiece

diy menu pumpkin
SOURCE: The Merry Thought

Do you like to write with chalk marker? A fun idea is to write out your dinner menu on a colorful pumpkin for a centerpiece. This is such a unique idea that it is sure to be eye catching. Not only does it look nice but it also informs guests on what they can expect dinner to be.

A Rustic Lantern Centerpiece

rustic lantern centerpiece
SOURCE: Serendipity Refined

Did you ever think about putting a rusty lantern on the middle of your table? When it is surrounded by a pretty grapevine wreath and lit up with an orange glow, the look is stunning. I love the rustic elegance.

Wheat Bundle Thanksgiving Centerpiece

wheat bundle centerpiece
SOURCE: Uncommon Designs

Here is a simple and chic idea that really dresses the table up in an understated way. Just tie off a bundle of wheat with a large burlap bow and you have an instant centerpiece. Set on a wood slab, the look gets a warm rustic touch.

Corn Husk Centerpiece

corn husk thanksgiving centerpiece
SOURCE: The Inspired Room

Dried corn husks in a pretty vase or a glass container that has been painted with a shimmer of silver or gold metallic paint makes a simple and pretty display.  You could save any of your food jars, like spaghetti sauce or beans, and spruce them up with paint.

Elevated Ghourd Centerpiece

elevated ghourd thanksgiving centerpiece

If you happen to have access to some shabby post sections, this would be an easy and decorative idea.  Just place pumpkins or gourds on top of these chic pillars for super quick decorating.

Florals And Pumpkins Centerpiece

florals and pumpkins centerpiece
SOURCE: Home With Holly J

Add a little orange to your Thanksgiving table with pretty florals surrounded by mini pumpkins.

Rustic Turkey Centerpiece

rustic turkey centerpiece

This adorable turkey centerpiece started out as a twig pumpkin. Then, it was transformed into a turkey with branches, wheat stems, and a pinecone.

Apple And Stems Centerpiece

apple and stems centerpiece
SOURCE: Fresh Apple Decor Ideas For Fall

Create an inexpensive Thanksgiving centerpiece by using fresh apples as a glass vase filler. Then, simply add some Fall stems for an elegant display.

Antler Centerpiece

antler centerpiece
SOURCE: Julie Blanner

Antlers, pinecones, and fruit, blended together, make a quick and simple Thanksgiving centerpiece that is elegant and eye catching.

Pumpkin Vase Centerpiece

pumpkin vase centerpiece
TUTORIAL: Made To Be A Mama

Using a pumpkin as a vase is a genius idea. The look is super festive for Thanksgiving.

Branch Centerpiece

branch centerpiece
SOURCE: Centerpiece Ideas Without Flowers

You don’t necessarily have to go all out for Thanksgiving centerpieces. A simple branch centerpiece adds rustic warmth to the holiday table. With tall branches, it is also very visible without taking up a lot of room. This can be important when you need to leave room for the food on the table!

Toolbox Filled With Pumpkins Centerpiece

fall toolbox centerpiece
SOURCE: Vintage Toolbox Centerpiece Ideas

A vintage toolbox adds charm to any table. When it is filled with pumpkins and golden flowers it is especially appropriate for Thanksgiving.

Bread Basket Centerpiece Combo

bread basket centerpiece combo
SOURCE: Ella Claire

Here is a Thanksgiving centerpiece with a dual function. The center of a table is a good place to hold bread or rolls. By combining a tiered tray of pumpkins, you get a festive centerpiece as well.

Practically Free Thanksgiving Centerpiece

fall clippings fall centerpiece
SOURCE: A PIece Of Rainbow

It doesn’t cost any money to go out and get some fresh clippings from your yard. Then all you need to do is arrange them in a decorative container to make a stunning centerpiece.

Cranberry Centerpiece

cranberry centerpiece
SOURCE: An Affair From The Heart

I love cranberry centerpieces for Christmas but they are also very appropriate for Thanksgiving. When the cranberries or combined with Fall blooms its such a warm and colorful display.

Feather And Nut Centerpiece

feather and nut centerpiece

Even though the feathers may not come from a turkey, a feather centerpiece just screams Thanksgiving.

Edible Thanksgiving Centerpiece

edible thanksgiving centerpiece
TUTORIAL: Always The Holidays

This edible cornucopia may be easier to make than what it looks. Using pre made bread dough you can create a beautiful centerpiece that can be eaten – just maybe not right away!

Cornucopia Centerpiece

cornucopia centerpiece
SOURCE: Debbees Buzz

Speaking of a cornucopia, the traditional version is always a hit for the Thanksgiving table.

Now that you have some ideas for your Thanksgiving centerpiece, you can make one up and then concentrate on your dinner plans! Do you have a favorite that you think you might try? Let me know what you do or if you come up with your own creative idea.

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