Thanksgiving Centerpieces That You Can Make In A Rustic Style

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The Thanksgiving table is going to be full of wonderful and eye appealing food that will almost be enough for all of  your guests.  However, a decorative focal point like a festive centerpiece will really set  the tone for your holiday dinner.  It’s nice to have a party atmosphere especially for a big holiday.

With Thanksgiving being in the Fall, capitalizing on some of the natural elements like leaves, pine cones, and nuts are great natural and rustic choices.  You can’t beat the beauty found in nature and whenever you can bring some of that inside, it makes a bold impact.   I found several great examples that are easy to put together and that will make a big statement on your table.

I love this simple and elegant idea from Good Housekeeping.  The earthy colors of the various nuts combined with the different sized and shaped vases makes a stunning rustic centerpiece.  When the candles are lit, you have a nice ambiance to enjoy your dinner.

This idea by Linsay Rachael Events would work perfectly for either Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I love all of the birch!  You could make a couple of birch candle holders from my tutorial or buy some to put in a tray.  Birch branches are easy to stick into a vase filled with cranberries or maybe some Indian corn.  The tin trays filled with nuts are a great choice for a rustic base.

Here is another fun idea by Better Homes And Gardens using pumpkins.  What makes this arrangement special is the use of all of the bark covered wire.  The wire wrapped around the pumpkins in various patterns adds a fun rustic element along with the leaves and wheat arrangements scattered throughout.

Start looking outside for the elements for this display!  This idea from Ivillage was actually inspired by a centerpiece for sale at Pottery Barn.  I like the layered affect of these natural items in glass.  The candle sets them all aglow for a perfect holiday centerpiece.

A deer antler, a weathered wood tray, some burlap and fresh vegetables make an ultimate rustic display.  This centerpiece idea was put together by Confessions Of A Plate Addict and I do see a plate in the display as well!

Something that I wouldn’t have thought to do is to decorate candles and pumpkins with dried beans.  This makes a unique and eye appealing rustic centerpiece.  The idea was made by Jeanne Benedict from her DIY Network Show.

Autumn leaves are a favorite this time of year and this display by Fave Crafts would set off your Thanksgiving table beautifully.  All of the votive candles add just the right highlight.  See how you can easily put this together.

And finally, this Fall candle holder filled with pine cones and potpourri could be used as a small centerpiece or combined with other natural elements for a larger display.

Now that you have some ideas for your Thanksgiving centerpiece, you can make one up and then concentrate on your dinner plans!

Happy Crafting!

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