Vintage Suitcase Card Box DIY

If you are planning a vintage rustic wedding, the accessories that you use will want to reflect that theme. I’ll show you how to make a vintage suitcase card box to display at the reception.

Vintage Suitcases Make Great Card Boxes

vintage suitcases

Gift card boxes are a good thing to have on hand at a wedding reception, or other party, to hold all of those cards received in one place.  For something a little more unique than the average box, a vintage suitcase works great for a collection point.  When the party is over, just snap the case shut and carry the case home!

I happen to collect vintage suitcases to display in my home for decor.  I also happen to have two daughters getting married next year.  Therefore, I decided to start making over the inside of my very old suitcases to make at least one of them suitable for a gift card box to use at one or both of the weddings.

The problem with many of the vintage suitcases that I have found is that they look pretty cool from the outside and a complete disaster on the inside.

How To Upcycle A Vintage Suitcase Into A Card Box

Prepare And Clean The Suitcase

I started with my smallest suitcase which was a nice aged brown case with leather handle and rusted buckles.  You would think that the inside had just as much character…..but no!

It was lined with a very dirty blue floral fabric that was also torn in several spots.  Before even thinking to take a picture, I began tugging at the fabric.  It easily tore away from the wooden frame and I quickly rid the inside of its floral covering leaving me with a plain wooden box… need of decorating!

Give The Inside A New Look

The first thing that I did was to put a nice fresh coat of white paint on that wood.  I then decoupaged some neutral rose craft paper to the inside lid with Mod Podge matte finish.  To finish off the upper edge, I added a lace border with tacky glue.  Since I had a seam between two pieces of paper that I used, I glued three medium sized mother of pearl buttons at the seam to look like the pieces were buttoned together.

The suitcase would need a label to signify that it was a gift card box, so I made a sign with thick cutout letters painted with raw umber paint with a light coat of metallic silver over the top to make it blend with the paper.

I attached the sign to the lace with small brad clips.

Repair Or Replace Any Missing Parts

The leather straps that were supposed to keep the lid from falling all the way back when open, were missing.  I replaced them with two bracelet chains attached with tacks pounded in tight.

I also decoupaged lace to the bottom of the inside of the box and then painted over it with a couple of paints to blend with the paper on the lid.

Finished Vintage Suitcase Card Box

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  1. What a beautiful memento for your daughters! I’ll have to keep my eyes open for a nice (but not too nice) vintage suitcase! I was just looking at some this weekend!

    1. I hope you find just the right one!

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