Ideas For Wall Painting In Shades Of Gray

At first thought, gray may not seem like a natural choice for a wall color.  However, painting in shades of gray is quickly becoming the new neutral. With all of the various tones and shades, there are limitless possibilities.

Painting in gray does not have to mean having a depressing lack luster color that leaves you feeling cold.   It can actually be soothing and warm with the right undertones.  The way you coordinate the colors and texture of the rest of the room also plays a big part in the overall feel of the room.

Choosing a warm gray with brown undertones or a cooler gray with blue undertones both have a soothing affect in different ways.

Painting In Shades Of Gray Inspiration

A Soothing Blue Gray Shade

I recently repainted my son’s bedroom from a deep basketball orange wall color to a more subtle and soothing blue gray wall paint.  I chose Behr’s Silver Hill which has just a slight tinge of blue to the gray color which is actually quite soothing.

painting in shades of gray - blue gray

Here are some other wall colors in different shades of gray that make great choices as well.

Paint With Gray Color Found In Nature

painting in shades of gray - nature gray

This nature’s gray kitchen is another excellent choice for a wall color.  This shade of grade is reminiscent of what you would find in rocks or other grays in nature.

Try A Medium Gray For A Perfect Backdrop

painting in shades of gray - medium gray

Here is kind of a medium gray that is even used in a nursery.  But, when it is combined with a little splash of color like yellow, it really makes the other color pop and is the perfect background.  Plus, doesn’t it just look soft for a little baby?

Warm Up A Room With A Taupe Gray

painting in shades of gray - taupe gray

A taupe paint color is a gray with a lot of beige mixed in.  This particular color is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore and is one that I almost used in my kitchen when we first built our house.  I love this warm shade of gray!

Create Drama With Dark Slate Gray

painting in shades of gray - dark slate gray

Slate gray is a much darker shade which is great for creating drama.  I love how the white sofa pops against the dark wall.

Brighten A Room With A Light Gray

painting in shades of gray - light gray

Very light great walls are a classy neutral for a large living room.

Would you consider painting in gray?  What shade is your favorite?

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  1. What paint color is the last picture? What’s the name? Thank you! 🙂

  2. My ex-husband and I painted our bedroom a light gray way back in 1984! It was like the baby’s room above and used black,darker gray (comforter was gray & black stripes) and white with a random red piece.It was the most serene bedroom color I ever had! I like the living room (with fireplace ) color above and Really like the kitchen above which looks more like taupe which I’ve never stopped loving!I had a bathroom in my single days in the late 70’s and the Towels were very plush YSL velvet like with gray,black and red stripes,shower curtain was a sparkley black net W/clear liner w/12 pockets,a black rug and my bath accessories were beautiful Pieriot clowns-blk.,red,wht. and it was a beautiful bathroom!

  3. I painted my living room a soft gray last year and love the way the white sofa pops against it!

    1. I’ll bet it looks beautiful – such a great combo!

    2. That’s what I like about the kitchen above!

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