Window Seat Ideas For A Cozy Reading Nook

A window seat can, of course, be easily incorporated into a new construction project.  But, even in an existing home, there are ways to create a window seat with just a little effort.  If you have a bump out window, it can be fairly easy.  However, there are other ways to accomplish the look.

I am going to show you several different window seat ideas, for a variety of scenarios, which should inspire your designing.

Window Seat Ideas

The first idea is the window seat that we put into our cabin during construction.  What is unique about this window seat is that it flips open at the top, with the use of a couple of piano hinges, for storage.  We use it to store firewood and also have an access door from the outside.  Our wood burner is just a couple short feet away from the window seat.

A Bump Out Window Seat

window seat ideas

The bump-out is just a simple rectangle that is two foot deep by eight foot long.   The box is about 20 inches tall with another 4 inches for the cushion.  So….the window bottom is also 24 inches from the floor.  See the tutorial on How To Make A Window Seat Cushion.

Create A Window Seat Nook With Bookshelves

bookshelf window seat

If you don’t have a window bump out, you can always create your own nook with the use of built ins like these book shelves.  This library plan is pretty elaborate but you could also create a more simple design and still get a cozy window seat.

Here are some other ways that book shelves were used to create a window seat nook.

window seat ideas

window seat ideas

window seat ideas

Bump Out and Bookshelves

rustic window seat

I love the storage cubbies underneath for books and the timber framing outlining the nook.

Window Seat Breakfast Nook

Incorporating a table is a great idea for even more functional use.

Where would you like to incorporate a window seat?

Let me know your thoughts and ideas!

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