Decorating With Old Lockers

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I have two sets of old lockers that I plan on using, one  in my house and the other in our cabin.  They are metal, somewhat rusted, and quite dirty.  In other words, I have my work cut out for me!   Besides cleaning, sanding, priming and painting, I want to also do something unique with the decor.   I already have a design idea in mind for the set that we already put up at the cabin, which will definitely be rustic with some very fun name plates.  Watch for this in a later post!

I am still trying to decide what I want to do with the set that is going in my laundry/mud room at home.  I like the idea of the distressed looking lockers in this first pictured set by The Handmade Home.  The added numbers at the top are a fun touch too.

My lockers are exactly this style only a set of three.  This set painted in chalkboard paint would also be a fun and super easy idea:

Now THESE lockers by The Lettered Cottage are definitely not metal but they are the perfect inspiration for me.  Now my wheels are turning and the smoke is just rolling out of my ears on how I can get a similar look.  It would be a challenge but I love a challenge….especially before I start.

I could also skip the chalkboard paint and just go with a matte black paint like this set by Rue Mag.

From black to all white, I do love the clean look of these lockers by Funky Junk Sisters.

This is definitely what I want the inside of my lockers to look like!  The project was done fantastically by Chez Larsson.

So now you have seen what inspires me and hopefully it gives you a few ideas too.  Stay tuned for some future posts when I reveal what I have done with each of my own two sets of lockers.  In case you are wondering what I am starting out with, here is a photo of the set I have at home in all it’s beat up glory:

As you can see, they also need to be re-screwed together – but that is just a minor issue in the whole scheme of things!

Happy Decorating!