Decorating With Old Lockers

I can’t say that I thought too much about my locker in high school. It served a purpose but I never looked at it as an object of visual pleasure. In fact, I didn’t even like those cold and utilitarian keepers of books and jackets. Of course, like most things old or vintage, there is a certain appeal to bringing things back simply for decorative and nostalgic sake. And, when you can a little something to them, they can be super styling.

Decorating with old lockers is one of those things that has become increasingly popular. Because they can be made over is such fun ways, they look anything but cold and ordinary. In fact, they add the perfect rustic industrial touch which is so popular right now. That is why when I had the opportunity to receive some old shop lockers, I grabbed them with pleasure.

Ideas For Decorating With Old Lockers

Makeover Lockers With Paint, Embellishments, & Chalk

decorating with old lockers

Here is one set of old shop lockers that I made over for my mudroom. When I received them they were utilitarian gray with lots of dirt and grease. The look wasn’t at all appealing for a home. They weren’t even aligned level. It was almost hard to even consider using them in my home. However, I had a vision and worked my plan. To see the before and after, check out my DIY locker makeover post.

Because I didn’t receive just one set of shop lockers, I had a second set to makeover to use at our cabin. This gave me the opportunity to decorate those lockers in a whole new way. I went for a rustic look with the second set.

Rustic Locker Makeover

locker makeover with galvanized paint

Even though the lockers are still gray, I painted them with a technique to look like galvanized metal. Now the gray has more texture and rustic warmth. To see how I painted them, check out my DIY on galvanized painting on vintage lockers.

I also found some other ideas for decorating with old lockers. Here are some of my favorites.

Distressed Painted Blue Vintage Lockers

Adding a colored paint and then distressing it is a decorative upgrade to vintage lockers.

SOURCE: Handmade Home

Not only does the soft blue paint give charm to old lockers, but the distressed effect gives a welcome rustic style. The number stencils just add to the overall charm.

Cover Lockers In Chalkboard Paint

This set painted in chalkboard paint would also be a fun and super easy idea.

chalkboard paint on locker

SOURCE: Pinterest

Use Wooden Lockers

locker makeover

SOURCE: The Lettered Cottage

Although most vintage lockers are metal, you can also add lockers to your decor that are wood. This is a fun look that is both rustic and chic. Build your own and then add vintage hardware to complete the look.

Paint Lockers Matte Black

painted lockers


If you like the look of chalkboard paint but don’t want a chalkboard, simply paint the lockers with a matte black paint.

Lighten Up Old Lockers With White Paint

white lockers

SOURCE: Funky Junk Sisters

From black to all white, I do love the clean look of these updated lockers. Instantly turn drab old lockers into a bright accent with white paint. This look is particularly great for a farmhouse style room.

Makeover The Inside Of Lockers

inside locker makeover

SOURCE: Chez Larsso

Don’t forget about the inside of those vintage lockers! You don’t have to stick with the standard shelf and jacket hooks. Easily customize the lockers for more functional storage. A small rod works better for hanging more items. And, hanging baskets provide much more needed storage.

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  1. Yoo hoo! I just nabbed a set of 3 white lockers free on Kijiji!!!
    Google image search… and here I am, getting great ideas for my décor. Can’t wait!!!!!!

    1. Awesome Ann! Free are the best kind…especially when I just saw a set of 3 at an antique store for about $600! Have fun with those!!!

  2. what is it about lockers? the magic of high-school years gone by? I just passed up a set of three for 75$ including delivery :))
    at the time, I hadn’t thought about painting them with white or that beautiful acqua.


    1. You’re welcome! There is something heart warming about a set of lockers…who would have thought!

  3. I just bought at auction a set of vintage lockers – 8 of them. I’m in love!! But, like you – I’m not exactly sure how I want to fix them up. They need to be cleaned up & painted. That is why I was googling lockers today, and how I came here. 🙂
    It looks like this post is a few months old, did you complete your project?

    1. I had put off the project until Spring (now) so that I can bring them outside to spray paint. I should be getting started soon! 🙂

  4. Wow, who’d have thought old lockers can look so good!

    1. I know! It just shows what a little elbow grease can do!

  5. I love old lockers! One of my favorite projects was an old locker that I gave a new look too. I need to find more…..maybe I should start looking in dumpsters again 😉

    1. I love dumpster diving!! You can find great treasures 🙂 I’d say go for it.

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