DIY Bottle Cap Crafts

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Since bottle caps are such a renewable and almost limitless craft supply, it seems that you can never have enough craft ideas to keep up with the resource.  I know that I am always saving buckets of those caps for a rainy day and have had several opportunities to put them to use.

One of my favorite uses for bottle caps was in the making of these rustic wine glass charms that I used one Thanksgiving.

bottle cap wine charms by

You can find the tutorial for this bottle cap craft here.

In sticking with the rustic theme, I also transformed some bottle caps into fun rustic magnets, using the inside to hold a small stone.

bottle cap magnets by

Check out the tutorial for both the magnet board and the bottle cap magnets here.

More DIY Bottle Cap Crafts:

1.  Mini Christmas trees by Remade Simple Blog.

Christmas tree craft

Mini Christmas tree craft by Remade Simple Blog

I love these mini Christmas trees with bottle cap ornaments.  The bottle caps came from Izze bottles and the design is perfect for any winter project.

2.  Bottle cap drink garland by Sei Lifestyle.

bottle cap drink garland

Bottle cap drink garland by Sei Lifestyle

This vintage bucket for drinks looks ready for a party with the fun bottle cap garland.

3.  Burlap and bottle cap flowers by My Legacy.

burlap and bottle cap flowers

Burlap and bottle cap flowers by My Legacy

4.  Bottle cap tabletop by BHG.

bottle cap tabletop

Bottle cap tabletop by BHG

Do you collect bottle caps?  What have you made with your collection?  Share your ideas below!

Happy Crafting!