Door Knob Crafts

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I have been to several flea markets and antique stores and have seen many different door knobs for sale.  The beauty of the old glass knobs has me tempted to switch out all of our knobs at home but this wouldn’t be real practical and I have never seen a whole set of matching knobs anyway.

So….this leads me to thinking about other ways to incorporate the beautiful knobs into my home.  I know they would make great hanging knobs when attached to a board but I also found some other interesting door knob crafts that would be fun to try.

After seeing some of these ideas, you may want to start collecting vintage door knobs yourself!  You can see all of the tutorials by clicking on the images.  Here is the list of some of my favorites:

jewelry holder
Door knob jewelry holder by Visibly Moved.

I love the contrast of the pretty knobs against the weathered wood in this fun jewelry holder.  The decorative knobs make the perfect hangers for the glitzy necklaces.

Door knob wine stopper by A Lapin Life.

If you happen to have wine left in your bottle and need a stopper, then a door knob serves a great second purpose for the job!  Just attach the knobs to a cork, add a little embellishment if you want, and you are all set.

Door knob hook by Decor Made Simple.

These wall hooks make quite a statement with the added decor of the door knob end.

Door knob pumpkin patch by “By Stephanie Lynn.”

Here is a door knob craft that is perfect for Halloween!  This little pumpkin patch will add some festive decor to your holiday and the rest of the Fall season.

Door knob wall hook by Re: Journey.

Another wall hook idea with shiny glass knobs and a decorative wood back.

Old door knob vase by Thrifty Fun.

Old door knobs with a little hole work perfectly as tiny vases for those small flower arrangements that just don’t fit in the average sized vase.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Love the bud vase the bestest. I’d love to see more ideas with door knobs if you run across them.

  2. could you please tell me how you attach the door knobs to the board, i have some and would like to try it

    1. Hi Joan,
      You need to drill holes into the wood and then screw the knobs in from behind the wood. If you click on the photo, you will get to the tutorial.
      Good luck with your project :)!

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