Ideas For Decorating A Shabby Chic Living Room

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A living room doesn’t have to be stuffy and formal to be decorated elegantly.  The combination of some elegant and chic accessories along with some more comfortable or rustic items will keep a living room truly livable and yet suitable for entertaining.

The shabby chic living room is a popular decorating style because it is so versatile and homey.  There are several different ways to achieve this look.  It may be as simple as adding some rustic accessories to your existing space.

I use a lot of old and worn accessories in my own decorating and love the unique character that they provide.  Instead of a traditional coffee table, in my living room, I have an old foot locker which was transformed into a small table.  To accessorize it, I used an old parts cleaner industrial basket, shabby books,  a salvaged industrial nut and some kind of rusty metal ball.

decorating shabby chic

Here are some more ideas that you can use in a living room to achieve a shabby chic style:

shabby-chic-living room
photo via Top Home Ideas

Here you can see how interesting a look you can achieve with a wide assortment of textures.  The wood, burlap and leather warm up the cool white linens and metal accessories.  Although the room is full of neutrals, the room is anything but boring with all of the texture and style.

photo via Key Interiors By Shinay

This interesting cart table adds a bright spot to the living room that is also relaxed and carefree.

photo via Corner House Blog

I would want to sit right here under this warm and fuzzy sign!  Adding pallet wood, especially with a loving message, really warms up a room and makes it inviting.

photo via Country Living

Here is another example of many textures and designs.  The floral pillow add some chicness to the leather sofa and the vintage fans add some shabbiness to the chic white cabinet.

What ideas do you have for decorating in a shabby chic style?

Share your thoughts and ideas.  We would love to be inspired!

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