Creative Ideas: What To Do With Old Books

If you are a reader, you might of an excess of old books lying around. Chances are, you may end up with more titles that you want to get rid of rather than keep. These old books don’t have to be thrown out, however. They can be easily upcycled into some creative decorative decor. Although vintage books can be decorative enough to use for simple display, other books may require a little bit of crafting. Luckily, there is so much you can do with every part of a book. I’ll show you what you can creatively do with old books to give the new life. From the hard covers to just the spine and all ofthe pages in between, there is a decorative way to use all of it!

Decorating With Vintage Cameras

Are you a collector of old cameras? Do you love the unique styles of all the different makes and eras but have them hidden away somewhere where only you get to admire them? Some of the best home accents come from those very collections. In fact, decorating with vintage cameras is quite popular. So, pull them out from wherever you are stashing them and put them on display where everyone can have a chance to see and enjoy them! Vintage treasures are a thing to be admired.

Creative Ways To Organize Books

If you are a book collector, like I am, you may quickly be overwhelmed with stacks of books everywhere. To keep things a little more organized, I’ll show you ways to organize books that will clean up that clutter. Obviously, the very best storage solution for books is a large bookcase. However, there are other clever ways if you don’t have room for a bookcase or your bookcase is overflowing. All of these organizing ideas will turn those book stacks into something decorative to look at.

Chalk Paint Old Books For Rustic Chic Decor

Have you ever thought of painting a book cover for a clean decorative look? I have so many old books and generally love all of the different styles of covers. As an avid reader, I not only enjoy the stories but I love the look, feel, and smell of books. However, there are times when I just want to throw a book out the window! Especially when I have stuck through the reading of a poorly written book all the way to the end. What’s worse is if I put it back on my bookshelf only to read it a few years later with the same discouraging result.

Decorating With Old Lockers

I can’t say that I thought too much about my locker in high school. It served a purpose but I never looked at it as an object of visual pleasure. In fact, I didn’t even like those cold and utilitarian keepers of books and jackets. Of course, like most things old or vintage, there is a certain appeal to bringing things back simply for decorative and nostalgic sake. And, when you can a little something to them, they can be super styling.

Recycle Keys For Home Decorating

Old keys don’t have to lose their life once they no longer serve a functional purpose.  Vintage keys, especially the skeleton style, are very popular to use as a home decor accent once re-purposed. This collection of key crafts shows you several different ways to recycle keys for home decor.  If you just want some quick and easy ideas for using your old keys, try simply adding them to existing decor as an embellishment.

Industrial Decorating Ideas Using Pulleys

Metal and wood pulleys previously used on a farm or in a factory may seem like the last thing that you would want to put in your home, especially as a decorative piece.  However, industrial decorating is becoming more and more popular and you are even starting to see replicas of industrial metals, like gears and pulleys, in home decor stores. These industrial decorating ideas show how to use pulleys in the home.

Decorating With Architectural Salvage

There is a big trend in decorating right now to make things look old and distressed. To get this look a little easier, why not collect some vintage architecture to incorporate into your design. Decorating with architectural salvage is a great way to add character and vintage charm into your home. Whether you are remodeling an old home or you just want to incorporate some vintage architecture into your design style, collecting architectural salvage can be easier than you think.

Decorating With Metallics For Chic Home Decor

Decorating with metallics is a great way to obtain chic home decor. For chicness, I’m talking about the glamorous shine of gold, silver or copper. The dazzle, of these precious metals, is what gives a sense of sophistication to a room. It’s kind of like accessorizing with jewelry. A couple of key pieces can really tie in the style of the whole space.

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Now that Fall is officially here, it may be time to start changing up the decor in our homes just a bit. I love the warm colors of Fall and try to add that spiciness to various vignettes throughout my home. I pulled out a warm rustic apple and one of my favorite hand crafted pumpkins to add to my fireplace hearth. Easy Fall decorating ideas like this don’t take a lot of time but do add a lot of spice.