Rustic Snowman Crafts

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Why not embrace the Winter season and create some Winter fun for the inside by making your own snowman decor.  These snowman crafts are quick and easy and all just a little bit rustic.  I like the cozy style for warming things up just a little during the cold season.

This birch bark covered snowman is one example of a rustic snowman.  I used decoupage and small pieces of bark to cover the main body.  Click the link for the full tutorial.

You can create a rustic snowman using other elements as well such as wood, cloth or even tin.

Here are a few more examples:

Balls of twine snowman by BHG

This is a wonderful idea!  The balls of twine automatically make a warm texture that is perfect for a rustic snowman.

Yarn snowman craft by Made In A Day

I love everything about this snowman…the soft white yarn, the burlap, and the rustic wired twine.

snowman cloche by Crafts n Coffee

This snowman cloche is adorable and I love the fact that the cloche is made from a re-purposed pop bottle.

Abstract snowman by M Loueez

If you just want to give the impression of snowmen, you could make these artsy versions using wooden blocks and fun patterned paper.  Just decoupage the paper to the wood and stack them into your snowman shape.   Glue together and add embellishments like buttons or tie on a burlap scarf.

Distressed spindle snowman by Paint Me Plaid

I like to collect old spindles or sections of porch posts and this would be a great craft to do with one of them.  What a fun and unique look for the Winter.

4 x 4 snowman by So You Think You’re Crafty

And, you really can’t get much more rustic than using chunks of 4 x 4’s to build a snowman!  This is a great snowman craft for an outdoor decoration and you don’t have to worry about this one melting.

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  1. What a cozy, fun collection of rustic & repurposed snowmen! Thank you for including the Snowman Cloche from Crafts ‘n Coffee! Sharon

    1. You’re welcome Sharon! I love how you included the branch “trees”!

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