St Patricks Day Craft: Decoration For The Home Bar

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St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and to get into the spirit of things, you may want to make a decoration for the home bar that is fitting for the occasion.  You may not be able to have green beer at home, but you can have a fun embellishment made up of green beer caps!

This small table or counter sandwich board is made from a piece of rusty tin folded in half.  I used the rusty tin to go with the rest of our rustic decor.  To be able to offset the colored beer caps better, I decoupage a ripped piece of birch bark printed paper onto the tin.  This gave a nice light background and a little texture too.

st patricks day craft

When I think of St. Patricks Day, I think of drinking beer so I wanted to use beer caps to make my clover.  Luckily, I had plenty of green ones in my stash.  I was also happy to have another way to recycle some of those caps!

Since I wanted to hot glue the beer caps onto the tin and needed as much surface space as I could get, I spread out the edges of the caps with a small pliers.  To do this, I simply worked my way around the cap, pinching the edge with the pliers evenly as I went along.  I went around a few times until I got a nice uniform shape.

Of course I had to use a birch twig for the stem.  Whenever I can incorporate some birch into one of my projects, I am a happy camper.  I just filled the center with a small green die cut that I coated with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to make it hard and give it some shine.

To add a little bling for the festive occasion, I strung some shiny green glass beads with copper wire along the top.  All I had to do to keep it in place was wrap the ends through the inside and back out to the opposite side where I twisted them in place.

st patricks day craft

Happy Crafting!

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