Unique Christmas Ornaments From Industrial Items

This year, our family is going to be celebrating Christmas at our cabin.  Instead of bringing up the usual Christmas decorations from home, we are going to decorate a small tree with all new ornaments.   My two daughters and I will all be contributing to the adornment of this tree.

Since the setting is relaxed and rustic and since I like to decorate a little bit unique, I came up with my first idea today that is just a little different.

My tree at home is usually filled with sparkly silver and gold.  I wanted to also bring some silver to our cabin tree…..but just a little more toned down.

I hit the jackpot when I found a box of vintage silver net floats that I had been saving for ……something!

All I did was tie some jute twine around the tops, which fit nice and snug into one of the grooves, and I now have about ten fun rustic ornaments…so far…for our tree!

vintage net weight Christmas ornament

container of industrial ornaments

While I was in the Christmas spirit, I also decided to whip up a garland using some of my larger vintage buttons and a section of jute twine.

I love re-using vintage or industrial items for decorating projects and this got me wondering about what other kinds of unique ornament ideas might be floating around.  I did a search and this is what I found:

French industrial stencil as a Christmas ornament by Design Mom.

French industrial stencil ornament

French industrial stencil as an ornament by Design Mom

I don’t know about you, but I love silver and gold and…….rust!  This makes a fun ornament, especially if you can find stencils of letters to match your family names.

Nuts and Bolts Snowman ornament by Shee Designs Originals.

nuts and bolts snowman ornament

Nuts and bolts snowman ornament by Shee Designs Originals

This snowman is so cute!  I think I will have to clean out my husband’s junk drawer and see what kinds of odds and ends I can find.

Rusty faucet handle ornament by The Homeless Finch.

hose handle ornament

Faucet handle ornament by The Homeless Finch

What kinds of unique Christmas ornaments have you used?

I hope you have been inspired!

Happy Decorating!