12 Modern Rustic Kitchen Ideas

A well functioning kitchen can also have tons of warmth and rustic appeal. All you need to do is incorporate some distressed, vintage, or worn accessories. These rustic elements go along way in warming up the more industrial look of appliances or other modern fixtures. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, a modern rustic design will help to make the space more inviting. Check out all of the easy ideas for getting the look.

modern rustic kitchen ideas

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Open Shelving

open shelving in a kitchen
SOURCE: Lark And Linen

As long as you style open shelving in an organized and minimalist way, the warm wood adds some easy rustic styling. Not only do the shelves warm up a wall but they also provide extra storage which is always welcome. For a cohesive look, store like colored items, like bowls or vases, together on a shelf.


High End Appliances

rustic kitchen with high end appliances
SOURCE: Big Chill

When you already have a lot of rustic elements in a kitchen, adding some high end appliances will work to dress up the space. Sleek stainless steel with all of the bells and whistles create a high end feel. A touch of retro will also fit in nicely. The refrigerator still looks classy but adds some nostalgic appeal to the kitchen.

Artsy And Eclectic

artsy and eclectic kitchen
SOURCE: This Little Street

There is nothing like art pieces to give a space a modern edge. You can see how the artful decor in this kitchen really dresses up the distressed wood floor and other rustic pieces. The combination is so cheerful and welcoming.

Black And White

black and white kitchen
SOURCE:: Blair Harris

A black and white kitchen is a sophisticated look. When it is paired with a butcher block counter and wood floors, the kitchen is also warm and inviting. This modern rustic kitchen is especially elegant with the brass cabinet handles on the black cabinets.


White But Rustic Kitchen

white rustic kitchen
SOURCE: Old Seagrove Homes

A bright white kitchen is both simple and clean. To keep the kitchen from looking too sterile, the added wood accents dirty it up a bit – in a good way! Who wouldn’t feel right at home in this spacious but comfortable rustic kitchen?

Creative Kitchen Lighting

creative kitchen clamp light
SOURCE: Country Living

Think outside the box when it comes to kitchen lighting. An industrial clamp on light is a unique and artsy way to highlight a work area. When other elements in a kitchen are sleek and modern, some industrial vintage accessories really make a pop.

Dramatic Gray

dramatic gray kitchen cabinets
SOURCE: Our Vintage Home Love

Add a little drama by incorporating some elegant and classic gray into your kitchen. Gray kitchen cabinets are a popular way to update a rustic kitchen. Use black or brass cabinet pulls to dress up the look even further.

Modern Finishes

modern rustic kitchen finishes
SOURCE: Amazon

The kitchen finishes that you use have a lot of impact on the overall design. Instead of a stainless steel sink opt for copper for an elegant modern rustic look. Marble is another finish that adds sophistication. Use it on countertops and back splashes for the most impact.

Bold Color

colorful modern rustic kitchen
SOURCE: Avocado Sweets

Just like artsy elements add a modern feel to a rustic kitchen, pops of color work in the same way. So, instead of choosing a traditional neutral appliance, go bold with a fun color. You can also easily add small pops of color with small appliances and countertop accents.


Chalkboard Wall

chalkboard kitchen wall
SOURCE: Comfy Dwellings

A chalkboard wall isn’t just for farmhouse kitchens. If you need a touch of fun drama, try a chalkboard wall in a modern rustic kitchen as well. Whether you do a full wall or just a partial wall, the impact will be dramatic.

Corrugated Metal Ceiling

corrugated metal kitchen ceiling
SOURCE: Tootie Trouy

Incorporating some industrial touches is a good way to add a bit of modern flair to a rustic kitchen. A fun way to do this is with corrugated metal on the ceiling. Even better yet is to use aged metal for a fantastic patina that will be sure to be noticed.

Brick Flooring

brick kitchen floor
SOURCE: Country Living

When you have a lot of modern elements, you can always warm up the kitchen with brick flooring. This is a unique idea that adds a ton of character. The bricks, or thin bricks, should be just as durable as tile once they are set.

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