Vintage Kitchen Decor Ideas

No matter what style of kitchen you have, when you add an antique accessory you instantly get some added character.  Usually, the more worn an item is, the better!  Decorating with antiques is an easy way to achieve warmth and nostalgia in the heart of the home. I’ll show you some vintage kitchen decor ideas that incorporate old things into even a modern kitchen.

vintage kitchen decor ideas

Where To Find Kitchen Antiques

Family Heirlooms

If you have been the recipient of some family heirlooms, displaying them as part of your decor is a great way to preserve memories and keep those items out of boxes!  Just clean them up and start grouping them in common themes.  They will look better than you think! I have displayed quite a few in my own kitchen.

Places To Shop For Vintage Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Between antique malls, flea markets, garage sales, and estate sales, there are plenty of places to shop for vintage kitchen decor. Look for things like kitchen scales, coffee grinders, butter churns, and enamel ware. All of these things are great to display in a kitchen.

vintage kitchen decor

Some antiques may have never started out in a kitchen. I found this vintage paper cutter on one of my shopping excursions. Since it was used to hold paper rolls to begin with, I thought it would be great to use in the kitchen to hold paper towels.

I also like to use vintage pieces in out of the ordinary centerpiece designs. For example, I filled a rustic wire basket with croquet and other vintage balls for an eclectic centerpiece.

vintage kitchen centerpiece decor

Vintage Kitchen Inspiration

I am going to show you several different ways that kitchens have used antiques in their decor to give you an idea of how they work in a variety of designs.

Collect Wooden Accessories

Old cutting boards, wooden bowls, and trays all look fantastic displayed in a kitchen. A variety of warm weathered wood provides comfort to a space. The wood especially looks nice combined with all of the white. This is a very popular look in farmhouse kitchens.

vintage kitchen decorating ideas

SOURCE: Vintage House

Hang Vintage Photos

Some vintage kitchen decorating ideas are not so obvious. Besides antique kitchen accessories, vintage photos or other antique wall art work well for incorporating a feeling of the past. The vintage photo in this kitchen complements the rustic chic French style room.

SOURCE: Nice Space

Incorporate A Farmhouse Sink

If you can get a hold of an old farmhouse sink, it can really give your kitchen that vintage feel. When my husband and I recently renovated an old home, it just happened to have a farmhouse sink. So, of course we kept it and cleaned it up. However, we didn’t end up putting it back in the kitchen. Instead we used it in one of the bathrooms. But, this is all to say that there are still plenty of old farmhouse sinks in older homes. And, sometimes renovators sell them off to architectural salvage stores. If you want an authentic sink, these stores are great places to look.

vintage kitchen decorating ideas

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