Alphabet Block Crafts

Besides Scrabble tiles, my other favorite items to collect for spelling out words are vintage wooden alphabet blocks. With the multi-sided options of letters or pictures, there are lots of design choices to choose from. The distressed wood of a vintage block makes it desirable to use in rustic craft projects. I especially like the real faded ones that look a little more rustic. These alphabet block crafts use the wooden blocks in fun and unique ways.

Although you can also use new blocks in these craft projects, the vintage ones are what provide the most rustic charm. Shop antique stores and flea markets to find the best collections. However, if you can’t find vintage blocks, you can still get a vintage look by upcycling new blocks or even by making your own blocks.

Alphabet Block Craft Ideas

I was first inspired by wooden blocks, when I received a gift from my husband containing letter blocks. Although these blocks are handmade, it inspired me to look for vintage alphabet blocks to use in other craft projects.

alphabet block crafts

Upcycled Blocks For Displaying

This first craft idea is for changing the look of new blocks to make them fit into your home decor. You can either simply display them on a shelf or use them in one of the following alphabet block crafts.

upcycled wooden blocks - alphabet block crafts
SOURCE: Little House Of Four

Make Your Own Blocks

You can also make your own blocks from scratch. These next blocks were made with a little help of a CNC machine for carving out the letters.

diy alphabet blocks
SOURCE: The Geek Pub

This is definitely a more involved way to make your own alphabet blocks. Another option is to stencil the letters onto flush wooden blocks and then chisel over the stenciled letters so that the letters are more engraved. This would be similar to the blocks that my husband had given me.

Of course, there is also an even easier way for making wooden blocks. And, there are no power tools involved. Simply purchase unfinished wooden blocks and decorate them with paint or paper, and stencils. Use them to display words or in alphabet block crafts.

diy letter cubes
SOURCE: Craft Passion

Make A Wall Hanging

While simply displaying alphabet blocks makes a fun home decor accent, combining the blocks with other items adds even more interest.

wooden block welcome sign
TUTORIAL: Vintage Block Welcome Display

An old crate, vintage game pieces, and vintage wooden blocks combine to make a whimsical display. As you can see, I had a couple of different sets of wooden alphabet blocks. Since I needed to use letters from both sets to for my word, I laid them out in a pattern that at least looked planned. To secure the blocks inside the crate, I simply used tacky glue.

wooden block noel sign
TUTORIAL: Wooden Block Noel Sign

It’s especially fun to use alphabet blocks for Christmas crafts. Make vintage inspired signs and wreaths. I have also just laid out blocks on my fireplace mantel to form the word “joy”.

Alphabet Block Key Holder Craft

alphabet block key holder craft
SOURCE: My Sweet Savannah Blog

Just insert hooks to the bottom of blocks and attach them to a piece of salvaged wood for a fun holder. You can also do this for kitchen utensils, craft supplies, pot holders, or whatever you can think of to hang….or spell.

Vintage Wooden Block Photo Holder

Another idea, similar to block hooks, is to insert wire at the top of the block for a photo holder. Use one block as a monogram for a photo of a particular person. Or, spell out a word and display several photos together. Seasonal words or names are a couple of ideas to use.

wooden block photo holder
SOURCE: Duct Tape And Denim

More Ideas For Alphabet Block Crafts

Make labels for lockers or large bins – spell out your label and adhere it with E6000 glue

Create bookends – construct a reverse L shape bookend out of wood and attach blocks to the flat surface

Attach a block to the end of a craft wine stopper – it’s a nice way to make a monogram wine stopper

alphabet block crafts
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