Christmas Wish List For The Crafter: Gifts For Crafters

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Are you looking for a special gift for a craft enthusiast?  I have some ideas that may help you out.  There are so many tools, supplies and organizational devices that would be so helpful and appreciated by a crafter.   Check out the following list of popular items.  Depending on the craft, there should be something here that would be a welcome gift.

Gift Ideas:

1.  Scissors– A good pair of quality scissors.  Fiskars and Gingher are a couple of really good brands.  Purchase all purpose scissors for general use or a sharp pair of fabric scissors for someone who sews.

2.  Power Tools For Women –  Walnut Hollow makes several power hand tools especially for women.  They are lighter and easier to use than other power tools on the market.  See an example of the power drill that I recently bought for my projects.  Other tools made by Walnut Hollow are a hand sander, woodburning kit and a rotary tool.

3.  Cricut ExpressionA personal cutting machine like Cricut is a great tool for more than just the scrapbooker.  Die cuts can be used in a wide range of crafts and this machine will cut through paper, chip board, vinyl and even thin tin.

4.  Paint BrushesAt one point or another, a craft project is most likely going to require painting, mod podge or varnishing.  A good set of all purpose paint brushes is a must have.

5.  Specialty Storage CasesDepending on the craft, there is most likely a special storage container for any of the parts and pieces.  A jewelry maker will want a case for storing beads and accessories.  A scrapbooker will want paper organizers as well as small drawers or bins for die punches, scissors, glue sticks, etc.  There are lots of general storage devices that work for a wide range of crafts.

6.  Varieties Of GlueA glue gun and sticks, E6000 craft glue, tacky glue, glue sticks, fabric glue, and beading glue are all examples of some glues that crafters can use.  If you know someone that does a wide range of crafts, then a nice variety of glues in a basket or gift bag would be a welcome gift.

7.  SuppliesIf you know a primary craft that a person is involved in, you can shop the aisle of that category.  For example, if a person likes beading go to the beading aisle of a craft store and look for some unique beads, supplies or new tools that may be available.  Books pertaining to their craft are also a great gift.


Birch logs, bark or branchesThese items can be hard to come by if they don’t grow in your back yard.  Purchasing a bundle of logs or branches will give a crafter the ability to create some rustic items they maybe wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

Hopefully, this example wish list gives you some useful ideas for your Christmas shopping.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. a perfect gift for me would be an organizer to come and set up my craft room! i need some organization!!!

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