DIY Magnet Board And Craft Magnets Project

Magnets with magnet boards are such a handy little way to display important notes and lists.  I desperately needed something for up at our cabin to hold our ongoing lists of chores or things to bring back up with us.  Previously, I was finding little notes scattered about the kitchen counter.  I happen to hate clutter and would tuck them away to someplace safe.  Someplace safe and forgotten! This led me to make a DIY magnet board in a rustic style

DIY Thumbtacks With Branches

The other day I was looking at my bulletin board and realized that it could use a little more style. For one, the thumbtacks, on my board, were just standard and plain. It’s funny how even the smallest of details can make a difference with what inspires you. Since your everyday standard thumbtacks don’t really add much style, I thought I could probably just make my own. Using those plain thumbtacks as a base, it’s easy to give them a fun upgrade. My DIY thumbtacks are very rustic chic. By using branches and clear shiny sequins, I was able to create a style that I like and dresses up my bulletin board.

Crafts That Are All Fun And Games

We do craft projects for a variety of different reasons.  Some need to be done for serious occasions like decorating for special events like anniversary parties, weddings or holidays. Other times we take special care for home decor crafting or important gift items. There are those moments, though, when it can be all fun and games……literally! Either making your own board or yard games or using old game pieces in a craft project is just plain fun.  I have come up with a collection of fun game crafts that either incorporate game pieces or they are a craft to make a game itself. Enjoy!