Decorate A Home Office Shabby Chic Style

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If you have a home office space either for casual home operations or a full out home business space, you probably want it to be comfortable and inviting.  One decorating style that is sure to bring you in and put you at ease is a shabby chic style.  The relaxed elements used in this style should in turn relax you!

Distressed wood, vintage finds, birch accents, and other natural elements all work together to create a space that is pleasant to work in.

Sometimes just changing out  just few small details of your space can give the whole room a new and cozy feel.  This is the simplest of diy decor projects!  I had to add some accessorizing to my existing storage furniture while I am waiting to purchase the furniture I really want!

I have a more traditional hutch on my desktop that I wanted to give a more shabby chic look to so that it would fit in with the rest of my office.  I simply changed out the knobs with these more vintage looking glass knobs which helped to tie in the look with the rest of my shabby collection.  To give my boring bookcase a little height and interest, I added a picket fence.  And, I also changed out the knob on the little storage cabinet I had and added an industrial looking wire basket to the top:

Here are some other ideas that I found for decorating an office shabby chic style:


I really like the walls and floors of this home office!  It looks like a great place to work with the old wood table and great overhead lighting.


Decorating with white is very popular with shabby chic and just look how tranquil this office looks with all of the white!  I love the romantic feel too and that vintage door behind the desk adds a ton of interest.

Found on Pinterest.

These pastel colors are inviting as well and the vintage furnishings say come and sit for awhile!


Love the books and the light in this office!


It’s fun to just check out all of the little details in the rooms.  I like the frame with all of the vintage keys!

Happy Decorating!

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  1. OH that last one is my favorite! I don’t know if I’d get much work done in there but it would sure be fun trying! I love that big architectural pillar in the corner.

    1. I love that pillar too! I just saw a smaller one at an architectural artifacts store that I really like but didn’t know where I would put it….now I have an idea 🙂

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