Decorating With Vintage Treasures

I have a certain category of vintage items that are more than just antiques they are sentimental treasures. These are the items that when they are displayed bring about a certain nostalgia that only special memories can evoke.

My husband and I have both been the lucky recipients of many special keepsakes from our grandparents. I thought I would go around and photograph some of my favorites to show you.

Vintage Treasures To Display

Books And Glasses

vintage books topped with old reading glasses

I love old books so this collection of tattered and worn books from my grandpa’s library was a true treasure. His old reading glasses are the perfect item to top off the whole display. I can’t help but to think about his great smile and laughter whenever I look at these.

Antique Silver And Crystal

silver serving dish in front of white peaberry wreath

This vintage silver serving dish was special to my grandma and is now special to me. I only use it for decorative purposes but can imagine the fancy dinners that my grandma enjoyed using this for.

vintage brushes with bath oil and floral arrangement

Another fancy item that my grandma had were these silver bath brushes. I’m not sure how much they were used but they look quite luxurious – much nicer than my old scrunchies!

Old Keys

skeleton key next to pewter lined glass box with heart charm

My husband received a great collection of vintage keys from his grandparents. My favorite is the skeleton key and I have used other old keys in different craft projects.

Wooden Treasures

vintage jewelry box with wooden floral box and mirror

The round wooden jewelry box was passed down to my husband from his grandma. I added it to my own collection of a small jewelry box and mirror.

I have plenty of other items like vintage cameras, saws and other tools, binoculars, old cookbooks, canteens and fishing equipment but I will save those for another time.

Have you been the recipient of some vintage treasures? Do you like to put them on display? What are some of the most unique items that you have received? Share your comments below. I love to hear from you!

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  1. I love decorating with vintage treasures. Having ones that are sentimental are even better. I love all of your family heirlooms.

  2. Love the books and glasses especially!

    1. Those are my favorites too! I can’t get enough of the old books 🙂

    1. Thanks Kathy, I will do that!

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