Five Inspiring Dresser Makeovers

Today, I am on the hunt for dressers and my two main sources will be Craigs List and thrift stores. I need to outfit our cabin with more storage space and I have in mind antique, unique and ……cheap. I’m not afraid of putting in a little elbow grease to give a piece new life that is custom for my needs.

Before shopping, I thought I would look around for a little makeover inspiration and share some of these ideas here. After all, it always helps to see some good after pictures, before going out to look at some pretty sorry looking furniture, to better visualize it’s full potential!

Dresser Makeovers

This first dresser makeover was found on Green Your Decor:

dresser makeover before dresser makeover after

Would you have seen the potential in this dresser? The makeover is stunning with the result being perfect for a cottage or any home. It just shows what you can do with fresh paint and decorative paper.

The next makeover, by The Rustic Pig, is one where I actually like the before and as is. However, I absolutely love the makeover with it’s fun rustic look and coloring.

dresser makeover before dresser makeover after

The before really isn’t bad but maybe a little plain. The makeover definitely gives the dresser a wow factor.

Here is a dresser that was stored in a barn for a long time and then taken out and given an incredible new life as seen on Design Sponge.

dresser makeover before dresser makeover after

From worn out and neglected to sophisticated, elegant and the center of attention, this makeover was a definite success.

Prepare to be absolutely wowed with this next Anthropologie inspired makeover by The Real Housewives Of Buck County:

dresser makeover before dresser makeover after

This project took a lot of work but the end result was definitely worth it. The makeover looks amazing! You would never know that this was the same dresser.

Finally, the last dresser makeover transforms a roadkill rescue into a beautiful French inspired work of art. See this transformation, done by The Velvet Glove, using graphics and paint.

dresser makeover before

dresser makeover after

For more dresser makeover ideas, check out my post 5 Creative Dresser Makeovers.

I hope you have been inspired!

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  1. love your items..rustic.My home is rustic/ very idnian inspired..from family heritage.

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