Rustic Garden Ideas

When I think of a garden, I think lots of greenery and flowers. The first thing to come to mind is not rustic. However, when decorating an outside garden area, rustic elements provide a perfect contrast to really set the space off. To provide some inspiration, I came up with a collection of creative rustic garden ideas.

Rustic Garden Art

Place An Old Ladder In The Garden

Ladders are a great thing to use to add height in a garden. An old rustic ladder provides a nice contrast to the plants.

rustic garden ideas - vintage ladder plant holder

A ladder plant holder like this adds rustic warmth. Besides displaying plants, you can also display vintage items like this charming old sprinkler.

Make A Display Of Rusty Wheels

A collection of rusty wheels will add a ton of rustic interest to a garden.

rustic garden ideas - rusty wheels

These wheels are displayed as a decorative border to a garden. The flowers that show through make a beautiful contrast.

Place A Chair In The Garden

Chairs don’t have to be used just for sitting. A weathered or otherwise rustic chair makes a perfect flower planter chair.

rustic garden ideas - weathered chair planter

Like a ladder, this chair adds some needed height in the garden.

Use Old Drawers As Rustic Planters

You can use pretty much any rustic container as a planter. However, old drawers have a certain charming appeal.

rustic garden ideas - old drawers for planters

Not only do drawers make great planters but stacking drawers adds visual interest and height. These colorful drawer planters are especially unique for a rustic garden.

Haul An Old Wheelbarrow To The Garden

Normally a wheelbarrow is used when creating a garden. However, when the garden is complete just haul your old wheelbarrow out to the middle of it. A wheelbarrow is yet another great rustic item to use as a planter.

rustic garden ideas - wheelbarrow planter

A wheelbarrow planter can hold a lot of flowers making it a wonderful addition to a rustic garden.

Do you have any rustic garden ideas that you would like to share?


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  1. I love gardening and it looks like I can get out there pretty soon! I live inMinnesota and today it is supposed to hit the 60’s. this winter has been way to long . I think we have had 5 snowstorms this month! Yuck! Hope your weather is better.

    1. Our winter has been too long too but I think we are on the upswing now….yay! Enjoy your nice weather!

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