Kraft Paper Gift Wrap Using Bags And Paper

If you like to get creative with your gift wrapping, it is good to start with a neutral base.  A great way to do that is to first wrap your gifts in either Kraft paper or use lunch bags for small gifts.  Both of these are very inexpensive and give you a nice neutral and rustic palette to begin with. I have come up with some wrapping ideas that use kraft paper gift wrap in a variety of ways.

You can find large rolls of Kraft paper at any craft, office or shipping supply store.  It is typically used for packing boxes and can be found by the postage supplies.  Using Kraft paper has an extra bonus of being thicker than most gift wraps.

As for lunch bags. if you have kids in school, chances are that you already have some. The Kraft paper used to make lunch bags is thinner than regular Kraft paper.  I will show you how I decorated a couple of packages real quick and easy and then I will show you some more ideas that I found around the web.

Kraft Paper Gift Wrap Ideas

A Lunch Bag With A Decorative Topper

lunch bag Christmas gift wrap

My gift was small so I first placed the gift inside and then added some crinkled up tissue paper over the top to add a little substance and poof to the bag.   Now I needed to add some decorative filler.  I seem to have so much evergreen garland leftover at my house that I thought it would be a good idea to have a cutting of that spilling out from the top of the bag.  I inserted the garland clipping and then tied the bag off with some twine, holding in the evergreens, and folded the top over and out a little bit.  To add a little bit more interest, I took a clipping off an old wreath that I have been recycling and inserted that among the garland.  Finally, I tied a white glittery bow around the top for some sparkle and called it good!

Kraft Paper And Natural Elements

rustic Christmas gift wrap

I think that Kraft paper and raffia just naturally go well together.  So, to start, I simply tied several strands of raffia around the package then I started playing around with my supplies!  I first cut a small bunch of my birch twigs to be about three inches long and painted them white.  When they were dry I just wrapped them together with some twine and inserted a berry pick from my old wreath.  I glued this to the middle of the package and inserted some longer birch twigs that were unpainted underneath the raffia for some contrast.  That’s it – so simple!

Grocery Bag Gift Wrapping

Another idea, besides lunch bags and Kraft paper, is to use grocery bags as gift wrap.  Here are some creative ideas that I found.

SOURCE: Mr. Kate

Here are several fun ideas by Mr. Kate using paper bags as gift wrap. I especially like the bright yellow trim against the neutral Kraft paper. The measuring tape shows how you can think outside the box, or bag, when it comes to trimming a package.

Christmas Countdown Gift Bags

SOURCE: Beth Proud Foot

This is a fun way to count down the days of Christmas. These bags use lunch bags in a festive way.

Bag With Stitching

SOURCE: Living Locurto

You get a real unique look when you add a little stitching to a paper bag.  This nicely finished look can be stitched up in no time.

These gift wrapping ideas can come in real handy in a pinch too.  If you need to wrap something fast, just grab a paper bag, add some embellishments and you have a package that looks well though out!

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