How To Use Divided Vintage Wooden Crates

If you haven’t already noticed, there are so many decorative and functional ways to use vintage wooden crates in the home. They come in so many different sizes which allow for a variety of unique uses. Today, I am focusing on those crates that are divided into small cubbies. The most common are the old soda crates. Because of all of the small sections, they are especially good for organizing in various areas of the home. Below are ways to used divided vintage wooden crates in places like the entryway, bathroom, craft room, and more.

There are two main surfaces to place a divided crate. One is on the wall and the other is a flat surface like a table or counter. First, I’ll show you some creative inspiration for the wall and then I’ll go into using the crates on flat surfaces. Some of the ideas can be easily used on either the wall or counter. It all depends on where you have the most space!

vintage wooden crates

Crates With Dividers Used On Walls

Entryway Storage

A good place to have cubbies for little catch-alls is right at the entry door. I like to keep things like keys and sunglasses close to the door. For a more decorative look, store vintage tins or cheery mugs on the shelves to store small items. The small shelves also are perfect for placing small fragrant candles for a welcoming scent as you enter the home.

divided vintage wooden crate

Tie And Belt Storage

vintage wooden crate tie storage
SOURCE: Rain On A Tin Roof

Pick out the tie you need at just a glance! This is a super effective way of keeping ties and belts organized. Just roll them up and place them in their separate crate cubby.

Divided Crate Bathroom Storage

crate bathroom storage
SOURCE: Make Space

Using a divided crate for bathroom storage can be done on either a counter or a wall. If counter space is limited, simply attach the crate directly to the wall. With the openings at the top, there is plenty of room for tall items as well.

Vintage Crate Spice Rack

vintage crate spice rack
SOURCE: Bro-Haha

Get all of your spices out of the cupboard and hang them on the wall instead! A Coca Cola crate is the perfect size for holding a large amount of spices. This is one of my favorite ideas for using a divided crate.

Bowl Storage In A Crate

bowl storage in a crate
SOURCE: Lilla Blanka

Besides spices in the kitchen, a divided crate also works well for storing small bowl or mugs. I love the contrast of the white chic bowls with the vintage wooden crate.

Vintage Wooden Crates On Counters

Craft Supply Storage

wood crate craft storage
SOURCE: From Victory Road

Divided crates are especially handy in the craft room. With all of the small items needed for crafts, the separate cubbies allow for a functional organized space. Place the crate on wheels for even more versatility.

Vintage Wooden Crate Advent Calendar

wooden crate advent calendar
SOURCE: The DIY Showoff

There are also fun ways to use divided crates during the holidays. This rustic advent calendar is one fun example. You could also attach hooks to the top of each cubby and hang your favorite ornaments to display.

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