Latest Wall Paper Is Full Of Style And Function!

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It’s funny, several years back I had gotten rid of any wallpaper that I had in the house.  I wanted the nice clean look of painted walls that could be changed easily on a whim with another color – – I hate taking down wallpaper!!

Now, however, I have a few spots in the house that take a little too much abuse to just have paint on the walls.  These would be the laundry/mudroom, the stairwells, and my son’s bedroom.  I’m not sure what he does but his walls have taken a beating!  I have thought about bead board in these areas but then I also thought back to my days of wallpaper and remembered how those walls held up or at least hid any bumps, nicks, or smudges.  Paint is much less forgiving.

I found some fun new trends for wallpaper at ShelterPop including some with lots of texture that are paintable.  This led me to continue searching for more designs that I might want to use in my home.

Look at some of these amazing scrapwood designs by Wallpaper Collective.

I also saw that you can buy bead board wallpaper from the Home Depot.  This sounds a little easier to me than putting up actual bead board.  I like the way A Vintage Vine used bead board wallpaper to makeover a kitchen cabinet:

This urban rustic wallpaper is super cool:

And of course, Anthropologie has some great designs:



Metallics in wallpaper are also quite popular right now and I really like this silver paper shown here by Houzz.  It looks super chic with just the hint of shimmer.

I must say that this next one by Wall and Deco is very fun and interesting but I’m not so sure I would want to put this one up.  I guess you have to be careful with any pattern but one little mistake with this one and it’s going to look…. kittywompus!

I am absolutely loving the newsprint wallpaper that Lala Lovely used in her bathroom.  This is a great choice for a small area.

I happen to love books so this next wallpaper is right up my alley.  I’m thinking of an accent wall in my office!

And finally, I’m back to the wood look with this great design by Schumacher:

With all of these great wall paper designs available, I am really considering trying one out again.  What do you think?  Should I go for it, apply bead board, or stick with paint?

Happy Decorating!

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