Wallpaper Ideas For Living Room Feature Wall

It’s funny, several years back I had gotten rid of any wallpaper that I had in the house. I wanted the nice clean look of painted walls that could be changed up easily. However, I’ve been seeing wallpaper ideas that are used for just a feature wall and I’m liking that idea. It’s not so much of a commitment to do just one wall. And, if you have to change it, it’s not quite so overwhelming.

Having a feature wall also adds a lot of interest to a room as well as a fun focal point. Feature walls can be anything from a different color paint, to wood on the wall, to trendy patterned wallpaper. Today, I am focusing on wallpaper ideas for a living room feature wall. There are so many interesting styles that would be fun to use. Here is a sampling of ideas that I found that have a rustic bent.

Wallpapers That Create A Nice Feature Wall

All of these ideas are meant for inspiration. However, I did find many similar wallpaper for sale that are very similar to these living room ideas. Places like Anthropologie, Wayfair, Etsy, and Joann are all great places to shop.

Birch Tree Wallpaper Ideas

This birch tree wallpaper works great for a feature wall. And, it doesn’t even take up the whole wall. I love the combination of wallpaper and salvaged wood to make a wall really pop. Because the wallpaper is made up of neutral colors, it highlights but doesn’t overwhelm.

neutral birch tree wallpaper

SOURCE: Homedit

This example is actually a birch tree vinyl sticker. It’s an easy way to get a cool feature wall. I love the simple design which adds some interest to a neutral room. You can buy vinyl wall stickers at most of the same places you can get wallpaper.

framed birch tree wallpaper idea


If even one wall seems too overwhelming to wallpaper, there is an easy solution. Simply use picture frames to frame the wallpaper in sections. If you later want to remove the wallpaper, all you have to do is take down the frame and reuse it.

Wood Plank Wallpapers

wood plank wallpaper ideas

SOURCE: SF Girl By Bay

Putting wood on walls is a popular way to make a feature wall. Since salvaged wood, like barnwood or shiplap, aren’t always available or affordable, wallpaper is a great substitute.

Get The Look Of Exposed Brick

exposed brick look wallpaper

SOURCE: House Beautiful

Exposed brick walls are a hot look in an urban rustic style. Of course, not every home has brick just waiting to be exposed. In that case, you can always use wallpaper to get the look on a feature wall. It’s fast and easy. There is always the option to install your own brick wall with thin bricks too. If you are interested in that route, check out my tutorial on installing a thin brick wall.

Metallic Wallpaper Ideas

Metallics in wallpaper are also quite popular right now and I really like this monochromatic silver paper.  It looks super chic with just the hint of shimmer. I have seen walls painted in a pattern like this. However, in this case, I think using wallpaper is an easier idea.

metallic wallpaper idea


For another unique way to create a feature wall in your living room, see how to install and whitewash plywood.

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