Learn To Decorate A Picture Frame In A Rustic Chic Style

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Picture frame crafts are always a big hit because everyone has photos that they want to display.  A unique picture frame makes displaying a photo just a little more decorative.  I went looking for some of the best tutorials I could find in a rustic or shabby chic style.

I started with these birch branch picture frames, that I like to make.  I had previously written a tutorial for Hubpages here:  Craft Picture Frame that uses the birch twigs intertwined around the frame to create almost a wreath affect.

Some other great natural supplies to use would be stones, driftwood, moss or acorns.  Any of these could be hot glued to a wooden picture frame to give it a rustic touch.

Here are a few of the other frame ideas that I had found in both a rustic and shabby chic style:

This picture frame door has to be one of the most original and fun ideas that I had found.  I just love it.  The project was done by Craft-O-Maniac and includes great before and after pictures as well as detailed instructions on the transformation process and showing how to distress a picture frame.  She has done an amazing job of creating a shabby chic picture frame unit by using vintage materials.

I love this unique picture frame idea from Our Southern Nest.  A picture doesn’t have to be displayed in a glass frame.  Why not make a rustic magnetic photo board?  The wood was roughened up a bit to give it a nice rustic touch.  See the tutorial for the special tricks on distressing the wood and making the magnetic center!

As well as gluing things from nature on a frame, you can also glue household materials.  Here is an easy way to transform an ordinary frame into something a little more chic.  All you need to do is recycle some of your old buttons.  This idea by Crafts of Chaddsford shows just how easy it is to inexpensively decorate a frame.

A log picture frame, like this one, requires a table saw and jig and is a little more of an advanced project.  However, with the detailed tutorial it can be accomplished with relative ease for the experienced craftsman.

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