Make Cool Keychains With This Wine Cork Craft

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I have been saving my wine corks for quite a while now thinking I might be able to do something crafty with them.  Many of them have been sitting in a glass vase, on display, which looks pretty cool on its own.  However, it was time for me to start making something out of them.

I like to use beads in my craft designs whenever I can so I thought it would be fun to come up with something that would incorporate beads as well.  Keychains seemed to be the perfect solution to me.  As I started thinking more about it, I thought a wine cork keychain would be a perfect keychain for a boater.  If the keychain was dropped into the water, it would float instead of sink.  Or, if you were going to go canoeing for the day and needed to take your car key with you, this keychain would be a great choice in case of a tip over.

It doesn’t take long to do this craft and it is a lot of fun.  You can add as many beads and charms as you want to personalize the chain to your liking.  I originally made these keychains by attaching the chain through two drilled holes in the top and side of the cork.  However, now I strictly make these using two beading eyepins and jump rings and will be showing you this updated technique, which is a cleaner look.

Supplies Needed:

  • wine cork
  • tacky glue or E6000 craft glue
  • two beading eye pins
  • charm
  • small beads
  • small flat nose pliers
  • round needle nose pliers
  • wire snips
  • tweezers
  • keychain
  • 2 beading jump rings
  • beading elastic or wire


Wine Cork Keychain Craft Instructions:

1. With your wire snips, cut each eye pin to about a half inch long.  Dip each straight end into some tacky glue or E6000 craft glue and then insert the pin into the center end of the cork until it butts with the round eye.  Do this for the top and bottom.

2. Now attach a jump ring to the eye of each pin and you are ready to attach your charm, beads and keychain.

You can see that the charm end will easily attach to the jump ring.  You will need to use your pliers to open up the jump ring and then press it shut again once the charm is in place.  At the bottom of the charm, if there is another ring attached, you can simply add a strand or two of beads right from the charm.  Just string them on your beading elastic and tie them on.

You can also just add a strand of beads to the jump ring using beading wire:

Use a fairly long piece of beading wire and wrap one end around the jump ring.  I reinforce this with a little dab of beading glue as well.  Then, just start adding your beads with a dot of glue between each bead to hold them in place.  When you get to the end, just twist the wire around your round nose pliers for a decorative end.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Such a clever idea! AND yes, wouldn’t these be perfect for boaters?!

    1. Thanks Lauren! Yeah! Better than having your keys sink to the bottom in the event of a spill 🙂

  2. How cool is this! I’ve been working on a “cork door” in my craft shed, but this would be a clever use for some of those corks. I’ve got a bunch of the plastic corks that are kind of pretty, I’m guessing that this works with them as well.

    1. A cork door sounds like a fun project!
      I have used some of the smooth colored corks for keychains and they work great!

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