Mini Gifts For Stocking Stuffers You Can Make

Forget the big Christmas gifts, the most fun thing to open on Christmas morning has to be the Christmas stocking!  All of the little surprises that are stuffed into that big sock tend to create the most excitement. Those mini gifts can offer a big bang for the buck. 

As the giver, some stockings can be so easy to fill while others take a little more thought and creativity.  Adding in a few homemade stocking stuffers is a fun way to personalize a stocking and make it special.

To help you with some ideas, I found several examples of mini gifts that you can make quite easily.  There should be something for almost everyone to enjoy – including yourself!

Easy To Make Mini Gifts

A Decorative Keychain DIY

mini gifts - wine cork keychain

TUTORIAL: How To Make A Wine Cork Keychain

A decorative keychain is a small gift that many people would enjoy. These wine cork key chains are fun to use as a stocking stuffer and a great way to recycle too!  Therefore, I made these in a variety of different patterns to suite a lot of different styles. They can even be personalized with a cork from the recipients favorite wine. Other ways to personalize are with charms, beads, or small monogram letters.

Bookpage Bookmark

bookmark mini gift

TUTORIAL: How To Make A Book Page Bookmark

Bookmarks are small enough to slide into a stocking easily. They are also necessary for anyone who likes to read. Because of this, these are perfect for all of the avid readers on your list. Combine this mini gift with a stack of good books for the ultimate readers gift.

DIY Thumbtacks

diy thumbtacks

TUTORIAL: How To Make Branch Thumbtacks

Probably, lots of people have some kind of bulletin board. However, not everyone has decorative thumbtacks to go with it. Create your own thumbtacks in a rustic chic style for a fun custom gift idea. 

Make Your Own Handwarmers

diy handwarmers

TUTORIAL: Rick A Bam Boo

DIY Candy Bags

diy candy packaging

TUTORIAL: Personal Touch

Because almost everyone loves candy, this fun idea would be a hit for anyone. And, when it is packaged in a fun way, the gift just seems more special. I love how the candy resembles reindeer noses. There are eight malted milk balls and one big red gumball to resemble you know who! The label, for this bag, is not hard to make and is both festive and fun.

Colored Pencil Mini Gifts

colored pencil jewelry mini gift

TUTORIAL: Design Mom

For the little girls on your list, I love these cute little pencil necklaces. They are colorful, bright, and would be fun to wear. Just cut the pencils to size, drill in some holes for stringing, and create the necklaces like beading.

DIY Mini Photo Frames


diy mini photo frames

TUTORIAL: Sugar And Cloth

Who wouldn’t like a mini photo frame to place on a shelf or windowsill? These frames are the perfect size for those polaroid pictures.

Now you can go ahead and start stuffing those stockings with some of your own homemade gifts.  Have fun personalizing them to suit each recipient and just see how much they appreciate the extra measure!

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