50 DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas

A rustic style room is easy to achieve when you can make your own home decor. Some materials that are popular to use in rustic DIY projects are salvaged wood and industrial metal. Of course, repurposing vintage items is another easy way to incorporate rustic accents. There are a lot of options for things that you can either make or repurpose. Because of this, I have come up with a huge collection of DIY rustic home decor projects to use for inspiration. Try one of these yourself or modify an idea to fit your own needs.

If you are even a little bit handy, you should be able to complete these projects with no problem. They range from super easy to intermediate. And, with the tutorials provided, they all have easy to follow instructions. The best part is that they are extremely affordable and authentic. Just check garage sales, flea markets, or thrift stores for vintage items. For salvaged wood, you can usually get free pallets from businesses that advertise on Craigslist. Here are my favorite DIY rustic home decor projects.

Bedroom Rustic Home Decor Ideas

1. Double Bunk Beds With Storage

These bunk beds are built right into the wall. The double set is divided by built in stairs that have lift up treads providing storage underneath.

double bunk beds with storage
DIY Rustic Bunk Beds

2. Easy DIY Murphy Bed

With a murphy bed hardware kit, it’s easy to build your own bed. Instead of using all plywood, we incorporated old doors into this vintage style design.

diy murphy bed
DIY Murphy Bed

3. Modern Rustic Queen Bed

An easy to make platform bed design in a rustic style. Just add a mattress – no box spring required!

diy modern rustic queen bed
DIY Modern Rustic Queen Bed by Shanty 2 Chic

4. DIY Rustic Headboard

Bedroom headboards are expensive. However, they don’t need to be when you make one yourself. Use either salvaged wood or pine and then just stain and distress it to your liking. This project can be made with just a hammer and nails if you get the wood cut for you. New wood can be cut to order from building supply stores or lumber yards. If you use salvaged wood, you may need your own circular saw to make the cuts.

diy rustic headboard
Homemade Wooden Headboard by Ana White

5. Wood Framed Floor Length Mirror

A master bedroom is a great place for a floor length mirror. However mirrors are another piece of home decor that are expensive to buy. Luckily, a simple rustic design is both easy to make and affordable. Although the project is easy, it does require you to have some power tools. A table saw and miter saw are needed to get the job done.

diy rustic framed mirror
Rustic Framed Mirror by The Woodgrain Cottage

6. Bedside Table With Character

If you are just beginning with wood working projects, this simple square bedside night stand is a great place to start. You will need to use a miter saw, a drill, and a pocket hole jig. For an even more rustic look, skip the pocket holes and just let the screw heads show.

diy rustic square end table
DIY Rustic SIde Table by Rogue Engineer

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7. Over The Bed Love Sign

Jute rope has a nice rustic look to it. It can be used in a lot of rustic home decor projects for embellishing. However, one thing that I hadn’t thought about before is forming words, with rope, to make a bedroom sign. A mixture of corn starch, water, and glue work to keep the shape of the letters for hanging. This is a genius idea that would be fun to try.

diy rope love sign
DIY Jute Rope Love Sign by Hymns And Verses

8. Birch Log Curtain Rod

Something that may get overlooked in do it yourself decorating is curtain rods. It’s easy to just purchase a standard rod and hang your curtains. However, if you take a little time to find the right branches for both the rod and the rod holders, you can get a creative rustic look for your bedroom. Plus, when using all branches, the project is completely free.

diy rustic branch curtain rod
How To Make Rustic Birch Curtain Rods

Living Room Rustic Home Decor Ideas

9. DIY Rustic Birch Floor Lamp

A lamp seems more difficult to make than what it actually is. With a basic lamp kit, you can make a lamp for the living room using almost anything. However, for rustic decor, making a lamp out of birch trees is super rustic chic. Besides birch and a lamp kit, you will need a drill and a small saw.

diy rustic birch floor lamp
How To Make A DIY Rustic Birch Floor Lamp

10. Coffee Table Made From Old Doors

A coffee table is a must have living room furnishing. When you can create your own table from salvaged material like old doors, you save money and gain character at the same time.

SOURCE: DIY Coffee Tables Made From Vintage Finds

11. Bookshelf For Styling

diy rustic bookshelf
DIY Rustic Bookshelf by DIY Creators

12. Fishing Themed Window Seat Cushion

diy rustic window seat cushion
How To Make A Window Seat Cushion

13. DIY Grainsack Vase

Another grainsack vase is a nice decor accessory for the living room. Simply wrap a grain sack around a glass vase to give it an instant rustic look. You could actually do this with any cylinder. Even an oatmeal container can become a decorative vase when it’s wrapped with a grain sack. Plus, if you use a plastic or heavy cardboard container, you don’t have to worry about breakage if it’s tipped over.

diy grainsack vase
DIY Grainsack Vase

14. Painted Birch Bark Vase

painted birch bark vase
How To Paint Anything To Look Like Birch Bark

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15. Vintage Book Cover Picture Frame

Old books are one of those items that can be made into a variety of home decor accessories. Whether you use the book cover or the book pages, there are plenty of ideas for home decor projects. You may not have thought of using an old book cover as a picture frame, but it definitely makes some interesting rustic decor. Since a book cover naturally stands as an easel on it’s side, it’s easy to transform it into a frame.

diy book cover picture frame
How To Make A Book Cover Picture Frame

16. Birch Twig Picture Frame

I love to use birch twigs in DIY rustic home decor because they have such a rich color and their flexibility makes them easy to work with. It’s not hard to add them to a plain wood frame to create a rustic look. Once all of the twigs are glued in place, they get covered with polyurethane for a nice sheen that also protects the branches.

diy birch twig picture frame
DIY Birch Twig Picture Frame

17. Birch Twig Candle Holder

Besides embellishing picture frames, birch twigs are also great for lining glass candle holders. Just stand them on end and glue them around the glass. 

diy birch twig candle holer
DIY Rustic Twig Candle Holder

18. Birch Log Candle Holder

Log candle holders are a popular rustic decor accessory. Again, if you purchase one at a store, it’s going to cost a lot more than making one yourself. You will need a Forstner drill bit for cutting the hole at the top of the log to fit your tealight candle. And, if you don’t have access to birch logs, any kind of log will work.

diy birch log candle holder
How To Make A Birch Log Candle Holder

19. Driftwood Candle Holder

If you like to collect driftwood, like I do, then you might enjoy turning a piece or two into a decorative votive candle holder.

driftwood candle holder
SOURCE: The Gold Jelly Bean

20. Branch Deer Head

This isn’t the type of deer head that you normally see in a living room. The homemade version uses nothing but twigs and branches to construct an awesome faux deer head. It is quite the sculpture, making a fantastic rustic accent. 

branch deer head
SOURCE: Atta Girl Says

Bathroom Rustic Home Decor Ideas

21. Wooden Vanity Build

Build your own rustic bathroom vanity with the easy to follow plans.

diy wooden vanity
DIY Rustic Wooden Vanity by Sammy On State

22. Homemade Concrete Sink

Using a plastic tub and a mixing bowl, it’s easy to make your own concrete sink.

Rustic Cabin Bathroom Decor

23. Plumbers Pipe Shelves

Another great way to make display or storage shelves is with rustic wood and plumbers pipe. Wood and pipe can be configured in various different ways but this simple idea makes it really easy. All you need is a section of pipe, end cap, and flange to anchor the wood to the walls.

diy rustic plumbers pipe shelves
DIY Rustic Wood Shelves by Cherished Bliss

24. Plumbers Pipe Toilet Paper Holder

Like the rustic shelves for the bathroom, you can also make a rustic toilet paper holder with plumbers pipe.

plumbers pipe toilet paper holder
DIY Rustic Toilet Paper Holder by The Frugal Homemaker

25. Reclaimed Wood Bath Caddy

reclaimed wood bath caddy
DIY Reclaimed Wood Bath Caddy by 17 Apart

26. Bathroom Tissue Box Cover

Tissue boxes out on display look so much better with a decorative cover. To make one rustic, all you need are some small birch logs and two unfinished square pieces. Then attach them all with small finish nails. It’s a perfect way to accessorize a rustic bathroom.

diy birch tissue box cover
How To Make A Birch Tissue Box Cover

27. Rustic Toothbrush Holder

rustic toothbrush holder
DIY Rustic Birch Toothbrush Holder

28. Old Window Bathroom Cabinet

Build a bathroom cabinet with character using an old window.

old window bathroom cabinet
SOURCE: Rustic Chic Bathroom Designs

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Kitchen Rustic Home Decor Ideas

29. Live Edge Kitchen Table

live edge kitchen table
DIY Rustic Kitchen Table

30. Upcycled Kitchen Pendant Light

Before shopping for new decor, go on a hunt around your house for things that you can use to make your own rustic decor. This vintage kitchen sifter was easily transformed into a new pendant light.

upcycled kitchen pendant light
SOURCE: DIY Rustic Kitchen Pendant Light

31. Vintage Coffee Sack Placemats

Whether you haul out placemats for a special occasion or for everyday use, having some in a rustic style will warm up your table. It’s super easy to make stylish placemats out of vintage coffee sacks or grain sacks and they look great on the kitchen table.

diy coffee sack placemats
How To Make Vintage Coffee Sack Placemats

32. Monogrammed Burlap Napkin Rings

diy rustic napkin rings
DIY Rustic Napkin Rings

33. Wooden Magnetic Knife Rack

You may be wondering how you can get knives to stick to a rustic piece of wood. Magnetic knife racks that I’m used to seeing are made of metal. However, this piece of wood has a little secret. There are stacks of one inch round magnets inserted to the back of the wood piece making it magnetized. Like the log candle holders, this DIY rustic home decor project also requires the use of a Forstners drill bit. It will make perfectly round holes in the back of the wood for inserting the magnets.

diy rustic magnetic knife rack

34. Live Edge Kitchen Shelving

When you need more storage space in the kitchen, open shelving is a great option instead of cabinets. A fun rustic idea is to use live edge wood for the shelves.

live edge kitchen shelving
SOURCE: DIY Rustic Floating Shelves

35. Live Edge Charcuterie Board

diy rustic charcuterie board
DIY Rustic Charcuterie Board

36. Soup Crate Wine Rack

Another re-purpose project uses an old soup crate. Crates are an excellent item to use in all sorts of crafts. This one turned on its side and placed on hair pin legs makes a very stylish wine rack.

soup crate wine rack
SOURCE: Maya Made

37. DIY Barn Wood And Bread Tins Wall Bins

Any time you can have storage bins on the wall, it is a good thing. If you have ever shopped for an accessory like this, you will know that storage bins can be a little pricey. That’s why making your own is such a good idea. When you can use salvaged wood and vintage pieces, the project becomes very affordable. Not only that, but it creates a storage unit that has a ton of rustic character. This wall bin unit was made from old barn wood and vintage bread tins. A perfect look for the kitchen!

diy rustic wall bins
TUTORIAL: Knick Of Time

38. Rope Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

If you have ever shopped for cabinet pulls, you know how expensive they can be. Especially, if you are after a fun rustic style. By making your own, you save a bunch of money and have the freedom to get really creative. Things like branches, leather, rope, or stone make interesting pulls in a rustic style.

rope kitchen cabinet pulls
SOURCE: How To Make Cabinet Pulls On A Budget

39. Log Coffee Mug Storage

rustic log coffee mug storage
DIY Rustic Coffee Mug Storage

More Easy DIY Rustic Home Decor Accessories

40. DIY Pallet Wood Planter Box

Some of my favorite DIY rustic home decor comes from salvaged pallets. The wood has so much rustic goodness. This pallet wood planter box gets more rustic farmhouse style with the reverse stencil lettering.

diy pallet wood planter box
TUTORIAL: House By Hoff

41. DIY Rustic Chalkboard

Chalkboards are so hot right now in rustic decorating. It’s easy to make your own framed chalkboard with particle board and chalkboard paint. Then frame it with some simple pine boards. Another fun idea is to just paint the glass of an old window with chalkboard paint. You get a great rustic looking chalkboard with very little effort. 

diy rustic chalkboard
TUTORIAL: A Burst Of Beautiful

42. Bedspring Photo Holder

bedspring photo holder
SOURCE: Four Corners Design

The coils of a rusty bedspring make the perfect holder for photos. I especially like the look for displaying vintage photos.

43. Pallet Sign

diy rustic pallet sign
Pallet Decor Ideas

44. Rustic Wooden Fish Outdoor Decor

Using salvaged wood, tree branches, and metal scrap, you can make some fun fish decor to place in an outdoor garden space.

DIY Whimsical Fish Art

45. DIY Rustic Coat Holder

All you need for this rustic coat holder is a piece of salvaged wood, vintage coat hooks, and some freezer paper to transfer an image onto the wood.

DIY Rustic Coat Holder

46. Scrap Wood Tree Project

Don’t throw out your scrap wood when you can create something fun like wooden trees!

Scrap Wood Tree Project

47. Make Rustic Wire Bird Legs

For any bird project that you need to add rustic legs to, this project is a must.

How To Make Rustic Wire Bird Legs

48. Repurposed DVD Box Into A Fly Box

Create a new use for an old dvd case by turning it into a useful and rustic fly box.

Repurposed DVD Box Into A Fly Box

49. DIY Live Edge Wood Bar Top

Here is a two phase DIY rustic home decor project. The dresser is refinished to become the base of the bar. Then, we added a stained and varnished live edge wood slab for the top. Plumbers pipe legs finish the look.

DIY Rustic Live Edge Wood Bar Top

50. Woodburn A Recipe Onto A Cutting Board

Get out your woodburner for this easy DIY project. Burn a favorite recipe onto a small cutting board to display in the kitchen.

DIY Woodburned Recipe
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