Pumpkin Carving Ideas To Wow Your Guests

Pumpkin carving is a tradition that has been around forever. However, the way it is being done has changed. Why not create something than enhances your Fall decor in an artsy way? You will want to check out these pumpkin carving ideas that are both decorative and tasteful.

Decorative Pumpkin Carving Ideas

All of these ideas require pumpkin carving in some way. If carving is not your thing, check out ten more ideas for decorating pumpkins. Many of these projects also use craft pumpkins for permanent decor. However, you can easily use real pumpkins as well for the season.

Carve Out Letters And Insert Lights

carved letter pumpkins inserted with letter marquee lights

This idea for carving out letters is so vintage chic with the letter marquee lights inserted. Because the lights are battery operated, they are easy to display on a porch.

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Carve Out Numbers In A Pumpkin

carved out address numbers in a pumpkin

Along the same lines as carving out letters, is this idea of carving out address numbers.

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Carve Out A Vase And Fill It With Flowers

pumpkin carved out as a vase

Carve out a hole at the top of the pumpkin to use the pumpkin as a vase. For further decoration, paint the pumpkin in a buffalo check. See my candle holder idea that is also painted in the buffalo checks.

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Use A Drill To Carve Out Polka Dots In A Pumpkin

carved polka dot pumpkins with glass beads

This project uses real pumpkins. Once the pumpkin is hollowed out, simply take a drill to carve out small holes for a polka dot pumpkin. To complete the look, insert glass beads. When an LED light or candle is inserted into the pumpkin, the light shines through the glass.

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Create Etched Leaves With A Lino Cutter

etched leaves on pumpkin

Instead of cutting all the way through a pumpkin, try etching a design with a lino cutter. The inside of the pumpkin still needs to be hollowed out so the light from a candle shows through the etching.

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Carve Out A Pumpkin Clock

pumpkin clock

Another etching idea, along with some construction, is this super creative pumpkin clock. This has to be one of the most intricate of the pumpkin carving ideas.

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Make Sunflower Pumpkins

sunflowers carved into pumpkins

These sunflower pumpkins are easy to make with the template and tutorial.

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Hollow Out A Pumpkin For An Ice Bucket

pumpkin hollowed out as an ice bucket

A great idea is to use pumpkins for functional purposes. Just hollow out a pumpkin and fill with ice for a decorative ice bucket. You can use smaller hollowed pumpkins for soup bowls. Or, even smaller pumpkins as votive candle holders. If you want to get more creative, just use one of the ideas above for etching a design on the pumpkin.

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Carve Out A Chevron Design On A Pumpkin

chevron design carved on a pumpkin

The chevron design is another popular design in farmhouse or rustic style homes. Creating the chevron look on a pumpkin is a great way to incorporate the pattern.

SOURCE: Wit and Whistle

Create A Screen Window In Pumpkin For Light To Show Through

carved screen in pumpkin

This pumpkin carving is actually a working Tetris game. However, I really liked the design as a screen into the pumpkin. The way the light shines through is so pretty. Just etch out tiny squares and then drill holes through the center of them. You could also just simply drill rows of holes for the screen look as well.


pumpkin carving ideas

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