Rustic Crafts Made With Plumbers Pipe

I wonder if our grandparents or great grandparents ever thought that indoor plumbing would one day become a source for interior décor! The galvanized or copper plumbers pipe is certainly seen in so many rustic crafts now. In fact, my own concrete counter top is supported by a couple of industrial plumbers pipe brackets.

plumbers pipe bracket

Since plumbers pipe décor has become so popular, I thought it would be fun to do a collection of rustic crafts all using plumbers pipe in some way. The projects are all small enough to be considered rustic crafts and not larger diy projects like shelving units or furniture. I think you will like the projects that I found.

Industrial Rustic Crafts

1. Plumbers Pipe Jewelry Display

by Making Home Base

plumbers pipe jewelry display

A jewelry holder is a fun idea and can be configured in any way or size that fits your needs. Just adjust the size of the pipe for the amount of jewelry that you have!

2. Paper Towel Holder Rustic Craft

by Itsy Bits and Pieces

plumbers pipe paper towel holder

You can also get creative with paper towel holders. If you don’t want one mounted to a wall or cabinet, just use a straight pipe and mount the flange to a flat surface. It could also be mounted sideways if you would prefer.

3. Plumbers Pipe Toilet Paper Holder

by The Farriers Daughter.

plumbers pipe toilet paper holder

Here is a similar idea to the paper towel holder only on a smaller scale. It also gives you an idea how a paper towel holder would look when it is mounted sidways.

4. Copper Pipe Candle Holder

by an-magritt.

copper pipe candle holder craft

For a little more elegance, you can use copper pipe in any of the craft projects. Shiny metallics are also a big trend right now and depending on your style for a room, could be a great option.

5. Copper Pipe Ipad Stand

by A Bubbly Life.

copper pipe ipad stand craft

An ipad stand is a much needed item in the kitchen and this copper plumbers pipe stand is a fantastic look for a modern rustic kitchen.

See my post on how I used a farmhouse sink in a bathroom and incorporated plumbers pipe legs.

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  1. Hi Renee, I just love that ipad stand made from old copper piping, totally unique! I’ve lots of rustic furniture at The Train Market and Chatuchak green market in Bangkok, these were lamps made from old black iron piping. its amazing what you can make from old pipes lol

    1. Yes it is! There are so many different sizes, corner pieces and flanges that the design opportunities are endless.

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