Rustic Entryway Ideas That Warm Up The Whole House

The entrances into your house say a lot about the rest of the living environment in your home……yikes!  Sometimes not a lot of thought is given to the entries, especially the back.  After all, the back door is supposed to be just for family whereas the front is usually for guests.

However, there are always exceptions and you can expect that at one time or another you will have a guest at your back door.  Instead of welcoming them to a chaotic mess of shoes and other articles strewn about, why not have an organized and decorated entry that is warm and inviting.  Even if you never have a guest come in that back door, it will make you feel one hundred times better walking into your house each day. These rustic entryway ideas will give you some inspiration for warming up your entry,

Rustic Entryway Ideas

Here are some great decorating ideas that will help to inspire you if you need to do a little sprucing up.

Simple And Neat

rustic entryway ideas

Ahhhh….so tranquil, so peaceful, everything hidden away in that wonderful rustic and simple box! I’m guessing there is probably a closet somewhere for the coats. This design would probably work out best for families with older children or no kids since that beautiful glass vase could easily end up smashed with little kids running around!

Organized And Functional

rustic entryway ideas

This entryway is designed perfectly for a family with all of the baskets, cork boards, and hooks. I love the casual, beachy feel of the space.

Open And Inviting Rustic Entryway Idea

warm and rustic entryway


Even though the coats and shoes are still out in the open, this space looks warm and inviting because of the decor and the designated spaces for the items. The coat hook keeps coats and hats off the floor and the bench anchors the shoes as it’s designated spot. I love the rustic warmth of the door, the bench and the fishing creole, which all complement the wallpaper perfectly.

Rustic Simplicity

simple rustic entryway

This next one is in stark contrast with it’s rustic simplicity, which is well suited to a front entry. The neutral colors, the clean line of the rustic table and the simple design of the rustic accent pieces all lend to a welcoming and soothing entryway.

Cabin Or Cottage

This looks like another cabin or cottage themed back entry with the fishing lures hanging on the wall and the shells in the jars. I love the rustic door and window being painted in two different colors. The old chest adds loads of character as well.

Spacious Charm

rustic spacious entryway


Back to the front entry, this one is the ultimate in rustic charm! I love the antler lighting, birch framed mirror, the rustic bench and the antique sled. Of course the plaid wallpaper warms it up nicely as well.

Bench And Hooks

bench in entryway

I am just loving this rustic bench with the shoe storage underneath! And, of course, that wonderful tin bucket for storage is amazing!

rustic bench and wall hooks

This is one of my favorite rustic entryway ideas. It has everything you need in a warm and comfortable style. You don’t have to spend a lot on sprucing up your entryway if you follow this diy from Apartment Therapy. They use all reclaimed wood to create this wall hook and bench.

small entry space

Even if you only have a small amount of room in a hallway, you can organize it nicely with a small bench, mirror and wall hooks. The only problem I see with this picture though is that if you actually use the hooks, anything hanging will cover the mirror. I would probably hang some rustic wood element like pallet wood planks, a picket fence, or an old door or window under the rustic wall hooks. This would give some wall interest and wouldn’t be a problem if it became partially covered up. I would then hang the mirror further down the hall so that it could always be used.

I leave you with an easy idea for a rustic wall hook shelf for your entryway.

rustic coat rack

My husband made this using a simple shelf construction and old faucet handles as the coat hooks. I don’t have pictures of the construction since he did this a while ago but it is just two straight boards joined together with wood glue and finish nails with the wood brackets for extra support. The faucet handles are then just screwed right into the wood.

Do you have some rustic entryway ideas that you would like to share?

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