Unique Ideas For Small Storage Space

Small storage space is a big problem that many of us tackle with. There just never seems to be enough! I definitely had to get creative when we moved from our nearly 5000 square foot house to an 850 square foot loft. Even though there is something calming about the simplicity of downsizing, it took a little adjusting to the new storage space.

One thing that I did realize when we were cleaning out our house, for the move, was that having a lot of space did lead to storing a lot of things that we weren’t using and didn’t need. My kids, Goodwill and garage sale recipients are now happily using those items! Now I only keep what I need and take care of what I don’t right away. That is an advantage to a small storage space, it forces better organization.

So how do you better organize a small storage space?

1. Add some open shelving.

small storage space

This blank wall in our kitchen was wasted space that was perfect for adding shelving. We came up with this floor unit that has been working perfectly for us and allows storage space for all my small appliances. The base is a simple to put together wire shelving unit from Home Depot. My husband made the wood top for it and I added an old wooden tool box to the bottom for a more decorative way to store smaller items. We can definitely move up the wall with some more shelving which is the plan when needed.

2. Use decorative bins/boxes for hidden storage.

small storage space

I needed a spot for some miscellaneous office supplies and this vintage bin fits that bill. I just cover the bin with a folded up coffee sack and it just looks like a decorative piece next to my desk.

small storage space

The old hat box and vintage trunk provide extra storage space in my bathroom. I actually use several vintage or decorative boxes throughout my loft for extra storage. The key is remembering what is in each one! Usually just the location of the box reminds me of what it holds. If you try to logically organize things, then it shouldn’t be a problem finding them again.

small storage space

This vintage trunk sits on my dresser and holds belts. Since this is a logical spot for belts, I always remember where they are.

3. Store in plain sight.

small storage space

My china teacups didn’t have a home where they could visibly be seen. I didn’t want them just hidden away in a cabinet. Plus my cabinet space was way too valuable. So I stored them in plain sight on my counter! To ground them, I placed an old wooden piece, from some type of crate or pallet, on my counter. Then I just stacked the teacups on top. I kind of like the contrast of the old wood with the elegant china for a rustic chic display.

4. Stay on top of what you have and need.

We continually are buying things for styles and needs that we have at the time. This doesn’t mean that we will necessarily need the items forever and styles will definitely not last that long. By weeding out those unnecessary items and passing down or donating to someone else, we eliminate the need for storage.

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Happy Organizing!

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