Birch Bark Pumpkin Craft

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It was only a matter of time before I pulled out the birch bark to use on a pumpkin craft!  As many of you know, I love working with birch.  I figured it would be a wonderful way to decorate a pumpkin and make it rustic.  Plus, the neutral color was also going to fit in with the rest of my Fall decor palette that I have going this year.  Check out all of the decorating pictures at the end of this post.

For this craft, I started with a clearance pumpkin from Joann’s but a dollar store pumpkin would be a perfect choice as well.  You don’t want to spend a lot of money on the base pumpkin since you will be covering the whole thing up anyway!

Materials Needed:

  • basic pumpkin
  • birch logs for peeling or bark
  • cream colored acrylic paint
  • Mod Podge decoupage
  • two paint brushes
  • bark covered wire
  • tin snips/ wire snips
  • E6000 craft glue
  • spray acrylic sealer or polyurethane
  • glamour dust or glitter
  • tacky glue
  • Spanish Moss


1.  Gather up your pumpkin, a birch log or two and some acrylic paint that blends with the birch bark.

2.  Paint the entire pumpkin with your acrylic paint.  This is in case any of the pumpkin shows through in between your birch bark layers.  There is a very good chance that it won’t if you apply enough birch.

3.  Peel very thin layers of the birch bark from your log or logs.  Depending on the look that you want you can just peel the top layer or peel a couple of layers for a multi color affect.  You will need more logs if you are using just the top and most white layer but the coloring will be more uniform.

4.  Apply Mod Podge to the back of a small section of bark and apply it to your pumpkin.

5.  Press the birch into place.  Use the end of a small paint brush to smooth out creases and air bubbles.

6.  Keep applying birch pieces in varying sizes, overlapping as you go.  Brush Mod Podge over the birch once you have the piece in place.  You can also brush Mod Podge onto the pumpkin before laying your next piece down instead of trying to brush it on to the back of the birch bark.  It’s a little easier to keep your fingers clean that way!

7.  Once your birch is all in place and your Mod Podge is dry, you can spray the whole thing with a clear acrylic sealer.  I sprinkled some glamour dust over the pumpkin, while the sealer was still wet, to add a little sparkle.

8.  To give the pumpkin a little more definition,  I used bark covered wire to place in the creases.  Use a tin snips to cut a section of wire that fits from the top of the base of the stem to the bottom of the pumpkin.  Adhere in place with E6000 craft glue.

9.  Once all of your barked covered wire is adhered and dry, place some tacky glue around the stem of the pumpkin.  Press some Spanish moss onto the glue for a little more embellishment and your are done!

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