Shabby Chic Decor With Birch

Decorating with birch is one of the most affordable ways to add shabby chic decor into a room.  I think what makes birch so popular in decorating is that it is naturally rustic and yet so clean and bright with its smooth white bark – a perfect shabby chic combination. You really don’t have to do anything with the birch other than cut it to the size you want and display it artfully. However, you can also use it in a DIY project.

How To Decorate With Birch

Display Floor To Ceiling Birch Trees

shabby chic decor with birch

Just bring in a tree and add a nice back drop to your decor. It’s a pretty way to fill up a blank area and add some rustic charm. Besides displaying birch plainly, you could also use it in a project like the birch floor lamp shown. Birch is easy to work with and has such a light clean look popular in shabby chic decor.

Hang A Birch Log On The Wall

shabby chic decor

Add some rustic chic interest to your wall by simply hanging a birch log. It’s a fun shabby chic decor accent that is unique and fun. The birch compliments the vintage sifter pendant light for more shabby chic decor.

Use A Birch Log As A Curtain Rod

birch branch curtain rod for shabby chic decor

It’s easy to make shabby chic curtain rods using a thin birch log. Just hang from brackets or V shaped branches. I used a birch log in my son’s bedroom. However, this would work really well in a shabby chic style room. The birch would be complimentary to white walls and white shears for shabby chic decor.

Display Birch Logs In A Bucket

bucket of birch logs


Simply displaying birch logs in a rustic bucket makes pretty rustic chic decor. For more of a holiday look, add Christmas greens and berries to the bucket of birch logs.

Make A Birch Log Candle

birch candle holder

A simple birch log candle makes a great shabby chic decor accessory.



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