What To Make With Burlap

Probably the most popular fabric to use in rustic craft projects is burlap. The neutral colors, texture, and weave of the fabric makes it desirable to use in home decor. Because the fabric is so versatile, it can be used in a wide variety of projects. Not only is it versatile but it is also very economical. You can easily get a yard of burlap for around $4 and if you have a coupon it costs a lot less. Below are some of the ideas of how to use burlap in home decor projects.

Burlap Craft Projects For The Home

There are so many home decor projects that use burlap, you will want to go out and buy a few yards….just to start! Besides pillows, wreaths, and table runners, you can also make bulletin boards, placemats, and window valances. Check out all of these fun ideas I have put together.

Make Labels For Storage Bins

burlap label diy
TUTORIAL: How To Make Burlap Labels

I love to add rustic labels to metal storage bins. A simple square of burlap makes the perfect base for a decorative label. I used buttons to spell out my words but you can also use paint, branches, fabric, or vinyl. Whatever you can glue onto fabric will work.

Print On Burlap And Make A Sign

burlap print sign diy
TUTORIAL: Recreated Designs

It’s easier to print on textured fabric than what you might think. By using freezer paper, attached to the fabric, you can get it to run through the printer. Once you have your printed design, just attach it to a piece of salvaged wood and hang it with some heavy twine. The end result is a beautiful rustic sign.

Get Crafty With Wall Pockets

diy burlap wall pockets
TUTORIAL: Makezine

Who couldn’t use just a little more storage space in their home? These handy storage wall pockets are made from the back side of canvases. Even though this project is for storage, the wall pockets also make some great rustic decor.

Burlap Flowers Craft

burlap flowers craft
TUTORIAL: How To Make Burlap Flowers

I could sit and make burlap flowers all day! There are two ways that I like to make them and both are easy. Make a bunch and use them to embellish signs, picture frames, or gift packages.

Decorate Your Table With Homemade Placemats

diy burlap placemats
TUTORIAL: How To Make Coffee Sack Placemats

Another fun item to make with burlap is placemats. Instead of using regular jute fabric to make these placemats, I got my fabric from some old coffee sacks. This is a great way to still get inexpensive burlap but have the bonus of some fun graphics already in place. If you don’t have access to coffee or grain sacks, then print your own graphics to transfer to the fabric.

Decorate A Lampshade

lampshade decorated with burlap
TUTORIAL: DIY Rustic Lampshade

Whether you cover a whole lampshade in the jute cloth or just embellish part of it, the result is a more rustic style. Again, I used a coffee sack to makeover this lampshade but any textured fabric will work.

For more inspiration, check out these fifteen burlap crafts for home decor.

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  1. Thank u for the shout out! I love using burlap for all types of projects. You’ve highlighted some nice ones here!

    1. You’re welcome! I loved the warmth the burlap added to the lampshades.

  2. Hi Tee! I know that round shades can be a nightmare to cover..I’ve just trimmed one out and that was enough for me!

    Good point on the different grades of burlap!

  3. Glad you brought up burlap and feel free to do it again 🙂
    My biz partner and I have gotten burlap fever too. I’ve made a ton of roses, using many of them to decorate a lamp shade. I did a round shade and anyone who has done that knows that it ain’t easy. How come the fabric never fits no matter how many times you measure? Anyay, off that rant.
    Want to mention to your readers that there is different degrees/grades of burlap. Just learned this. I got mine at Hob-Lob and was happy with making my roses but I had some sewing projects to try and couldn’t get it thru my machine or copier. It was too loose/rough?? My partner went to a “big city store” and came back with a really tight weave variety. Haven’t tried it in the copier or sewing machine yet but I have high hopes.
    Gosh, sorry about the long post, lol.

  4. I love burlap and have used it in a lot of the ways you have shown, except I hadn’t seen those placemats, too cool!!

    I made my bulletin board with an old window frame and burlap.


    1. Hi Marsha! I checked out your bulletin board and just love it! I love the way you embellished it too!

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