Simple Crafts & Decorating Ideas Using Burlap

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Burlap is my most favorite go to material for decorating and using in craft projects lately.  The rustic look and feel of it along with it’s ease of use makes it the fabric of choice in shabby chic decorating.

Another important fact to consider is that burlap is inexpensive!  You can get a yard of burlap at Jo-ann for about $4 in a variety of colors.  Plus, if you have a 40% off coupon, which I always make it a point to use, you have yourself a super bargain.  Love IT!!

I like to buy a couple yards, at least, at a time.  Now, if you are wondering what you would do with all of that burlap, I have some fun ideas for you.  Some of them I have done here and others I have found from around the web.  All of them should give you plenty of inspiration to go out and grab yourself a few yards of burlap to work with!


You can use burlap as a background for storage labels or any name you want to spell out on buckets or baskets like I did with this tin tub.


Here is an easy project with a lot of impact.  These burlap placemats by Cottage & Vine look incredible especially under the simple white dishes.  The stenciled on words are so much fun and add just the right amount of design to make them really stand out.


How about these burlap lampshades by Beneath My Heart?  I just love these!  The burlap definitely takes an ordinary shade and turns it into something to talk about.  Of course the numbers in red certainly add a lot of flair as well!


Did you know that you could print on burlap?  This project by Domestically Speaking is so cool!  Find out the trick for doing this by visiting the blog.


You can never have enough storage in your home and this idea by Craftzine is a clever one.  Look closely, it is the back of a canvas with the burlap acting as a pocket.  I am loving this idea!  You have to go see how it was all put together and embellished.


Finally, if you want to know how to make your own burlap roses, then check out the tutorial by Make Handmade.  You will be able to decorate a myriad of different things with these roses.  Try them in a grouping of different colors of burlap and even throw in a couple different types of fabric for some unique designs for lampshades, picture frames, scrapbook covers and more.

Have you done any decorating or craft projects using burlap?  Will you try any of these idea?  Let me know your thoughts and suggestions!

Happy Crafting and Decorating!

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  1. I love burlap and have used it in a lot of the ways you have shown, except I hadn’t seen those placemats, too cool!!

    I made my bulletin board with an old window frame and burlap.


    1. Hi Marsha! I checked out your bulletin board and just love it! I love the way you embellished it too!

  2. Glad you brought up burlap and feel free to do it again 🙂
    My biz partner and I have gotten burlap fever too. I’ve made a ton of roses, using many of them to decorate a lamp shade. I did a round shade and anyone who has done that knows that it ain’t easy. How come the fabric never fits no matter how many times you measure? Anyay, off that rant.
    Want to mention to your readers that there is different degrees/grades of burlap. Just learned this. I got mine at Hob-Lob and was happy with making my roses but I had some sewing projects to try and couldn’t get it thru my machine or copier. It was too loose/rough?? My partner went to a “big city store” and came back with a really tight weave variety. Haven’t tried it in the copier or sewing machine yet but I have high hopes.
    Gosh, sorry about the long post, lol.

  3. Hi Tee! I know that round shades can be a nightmare to cover..I’ve just trimmed one out and that was enough for me!

    Good point on the different grades of burlap!

  4. Thank u for the shout out! I love using burlap for all types of projects. You’ve highlighted some nice ones here!

    1. You’re welcome! I loved the warmth the burlap added to the lampshades.

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