Simple Pedestal Candy Dish Craft

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Do you want to add a little something special to an ordinary candy dish?  Why not put it on a pedestal to give it a little more substance and appeal.  This simple craft shows you how you can easily turn a plain and inexpensive candy dish into something a bit more decorative by piecing just a few items together.

In this instance, I am using the candy dish as part of my Halloween table decor.  I am also going to show you a couple more easy examples of using candy and pumpkins to decorate areas of your home.

First, I will start with the pedestal candy dish tutorial.  I used a vintage hose nozzle as my pedestal but several other items would work as well.  A candle stick, thin log, small flower pots, or wooden blocks are all fun examples.  Really any item or items that you can stack, that will give your candy dish height, will work.

I used a pine coaster, that I had made previously, for my base.  Depending on the width of your pedestal, you may or may not need a base.  The idea is to make sure your candy dish is nice and stable.  So, if your pedestal is somewhat thin, make sure to include one.


1.  Gather your supplies.  You will need a dish, pedestal, base and E6000 craft glue.  The E6000 glue works great for bonding most any kind of surface and is super strong.

2.  First apply the glue to the bottom of your pedestal item to adhere to your base.  Since I used a hose nozzle with not much surface for bonding, I applied the glue with a toothpick to make sure the tiny rim was completely covered with the thick glue.  I was worried that it might not be enough bonding surface but it worked perfectly.   Do the same thing for the top and adhere your candy dish.  The glue sets fairly quick and is easy to work with.

3.  Tie a little string and ribbon around the glass for some extra embellishment, if you like, and add your candy!

Another fun way to display candy is in various sizes of glass dishes, wine glasses or glass candle holders.  You can make a fun grouping with all the different heights and types of candy.  I love to do this at Christmas and add a string of lights and pine garland between all of the dishes.

Here is one simple example of using a champagne goblet to hold some candy corn on my wine and cheese table:

It didn’t take anything at all to add a little festivity to the table.  A white miniature pumpkin from the grocery store for 69 cents and a little candy corn in a champagne goblet.  I added just a little sparkle to the goblet with a couple of beads.

All I did was string a black and an orange bead onto some copper wire.  I twisted the wire around a round nose pliers between each bead and at the end for stoppers and then looped the wire around my jute string and black ribbon tie.

And, one more idea for using those grocery store pumpkins:

In some areas of my house I don’t like to have any orange.  I love the fact that I can just use the white pumpkins!  Using all white with different textures can still be interesting.  I used a peaberry garland wreath to surround my pumpkins with and gave them a place up high with a vintage cake holder.  It doesn’t get more simple than that!


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