Ten Fun Ways To Repurpose Drawers

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I was given a cool old drawer that once belonged in a large dresser. I’m not sure what happened to the dresser but I have to assume it was in bad shape. Anyway, the drawer is in good condition so I need to find a use for it. My plan is to put castors on the bottom and use it for under the bed storage. However, there are lots of other ways to repurpose drawers that I could consider.

If you have an old dresser, you may also be inspired by these ways to repurpose drawers for other uses. You can also repurpose a dresser without the drawers!

Here are some ways to repurpose drawers to use in your home decor.

Repurposed Drawer Ideas

Drawer Planter

self watering planter
Self watering planter by Instructables

Here is a very unique idea for a self watering planter.  I really like the different stain colors on the drawers for an interesting look.

Under Bed Storage With Drawers

old drawer underbed storage
Old drawer underbed storage by Martha Stewart

I love the idea of underbed storage and definitely dislike the idea of plastic bins….if it is going to show at all.  That is when an old drawer is a perfect solution for underbed storage that shows.  Just add four casters to each drawer for easy rolling and you are all set.

Here is another photo that shows the castors a little better:

old drawer underbed storage
Old drawer underbed storage by Picklee

Drawer Wall Shelves

Another fun idea is to use old drawers as wall shelves.

old drawer shelves
Old drawer shelves by HGTV

This arrangement was used in a bathroom for holding jewelry but it would look great anywhere for displaying vintage finds.  The vintage photo backdrops gives them a special appeal.

shelves made from drawers
shelves made from drawers by Earth911

You could also mount small drawers to the wall, at the back, for handy storage in your craft room.

Drawer Side Table

drawer side table
Drawer side table by Beyond The Picket Fence

This side table is one of my favorites!  I love the hinged top that was made for the drawer which allows for hidden storage underneath.  The colorful paint on this is just so fun and unique.

drawer table
Drawer table by Woman’s Day

A similar but more simple idea is to make a drawer side table with an open top.  This is handy for storage items that you don’t mind being visible.

Drawer Dog Bed

diy drawer pet bed
DIY drawer pet bed by DIY Showoff

Okay…this is just waaaay too cute!  What pet wouldn’t love their own fancy bed like this one?

Drawer Headboard

dresser headboard
Dresser headboard by BHG

Coming up with unique headboards are always a fun challenge.  This idea takes a bit of careful planning with the layout to get a design that looks as seamless as this one but it would definitely be worth the effort.

Drawer Ottoman

drawer ottoman
Drawer ottoman

How often could you use another ottoman to rest your feet on?  A large drawer can be easily converted into a stylish ottoman with the addition of feet and a nice comfy cushion.

I hope you have been inspired!


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