Festive Christmas Recipes To Try

Christmas is a time when I pull out my very best recipes of yummy treats, sensational appetizers and mouth watering entrees.  I would like to eat like that way all year long but then it wouldn’t be as special at Christmas and we would all be a much bigger size! These festive Christmas recipes are ones that you will definitely want to try. Find recipes for Christmas morning, appetizers and treats, and a festive Christmas dinner.

Christmas Recipes For A Variety Of Occasions

Christmas Morning Recipes

Ideally, Christmas morning should be a relaxing time spent with family. You shouldn’t have to be working long in the kitchen when there are presents to be opened. Plus, if you have small kids they will be up early and excited to start the festivities. All of these Christmas morning recipes can be made ahead of time so it’s one less thing to worry about on Christmas day.

Christmas Wreath Bread Recipe

christmas yeast bread recipe

RECIPE: Christmas Wreath Bread Recipe

Christmas morning calls for a festive pastry to nibble on with coffee or hot chocolate while partaking with the opening of gifts.  This yummy almond yeast bread wreath is just the ticket. Since this bread ring already reminds me of a wreath, I just add some more embellishments to make it really decorative. Not only does this bread look pretty, but it tastes so yummy with that almond paste! This is probably one of my favorite Christmas recipes to make. The nice part is that it can be made ahead of time for a hassle free Christmas morning.

Egg Nog Breakfast Pudding Recipe

Another option for Christmas morning is this tasty Egg Nog Breakfast Pudding.  The aroma of it baking will get the deepest sleeper jumping out of bed!

Christmas recipes - egg nog breakfast pudding

RECIPE: Lauren’s Latest

Since egg nog is such a staple at Christmas time, this recipe for egg nog breakfast pudding is perfect. Adding a big dollop of the cinnamon whipped cream makes it all the more tasty. Again, this recipe can be made ahead of time for a relaxing Christmas morning.

Make Ahead Breakfast Casserole

breakfast casserole christmas recipe

RECIPE: My Daughters And I

For something a little more substantial, you can’t go wrong with an egg casserole. Because this can also be made ahead of time, it’s a stress free option. Just pop it in the oven on Christmas morning and enjoy in less than an hour. This casserole is full of eggs, bacon, cheese, potatoes, and green onion. I’ve made this recipe for Christmas morning lots of times and the family loves it.

Overnight French Toast Casserole

overnight french toast Christmas recipe

RECIPE: Lil Luna

Another personal favorite of ours is this overnight french toast casserole. Once again, all the work happens the night before for a nice and restful Christmas morning. This recipe can also be modified by adding things like pecans or blueberries.

Christmas Appetizers And Desserts

Finger foods are a must to have at holiday parties. Whether sweet or savory, festive little bites are going to be a hit.

Best Fudge Recipe

A family staple during the holidays is fudge.  I have been making this recipe for years and think it is the absolute best.  With three kinds of chocolate and the addition of marshmallows it is sinfully delicious!

Christmas recipes fudge

RECIPE: Three Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge

My mom used to make a fudge that you would have to boil for just the right amount of time to get the correct consistency. I wasn’t interested in stressing over such details. Even though that is the typical way to make fudge, I wanted something easier. This recipe is wonderfully easy. It’s just a matter of adding ingredients one by one and stirring until everything is blended. It never fails me. Not only is it easy but it tastes so good and always has the perfect consistency. Because of that, this is another one of my favorite Christmas recipes,

Pita Bread Christmas Trees

Appetizers seem to be festive in any shape or form but when they are in a shape of a Christmas tree, they are all the better!

Pita Bread Christmas Trees recipe

RECIPE: Betty Crocker

These little pita bread Christmas trees are so cute and festive. They will definitely be a great addition to your holiday party.

Pull Apart Mozzarella Balls Christmas Tree

pull apart mozzarella cheese ball Christmas tree recipe

RECIPE: Delish

With all the people who like mozzarella cheese balls, this recipe is sure to be a hit. The balls get baked in the form of a Christmas tree and they pull apart easily for a fun finger food.

Fruit Christmas Tree

fruit christmas tree recipe

TUTORIAL: Recipe Yum

I have made fruit Christmas trees many times to decorate my holiday snack table. Since this is an idea with height, I place it right in the center of my table for a focal point. I can’t think of a better centerpiece for an appetizer table. It’s easy to make but a little time consuming. However, the time is well worth it. Use a styrofoam cone as a base and attach the fruit with toothpicks. You could also make a tree using cut vegetables or even olives.

Another way to display fruit or vegetables is on a platter laid out to form a Christmas tree. It’s a little quicker to assemble and still pretty to look at.

Rolled Sugar Cookies

rolled sugar cookie recipe

RECIPE: Rolled Sugar Cookie Recipe

A must have for holiday snacking are rolled sugar cookies. I’ve been making this recipe for years because they are so tasty. I use a simple icing that has just the right amount of sweetness. Although these aren’t picture perfect they still add a little sparkle to a holiday display.

Christmas Dinner Recipes

Christmas dinner should go a couple of steps beyond a nice meal. With all of these ideas, you’ll be able to create a dinner that will wow your guests.

Cranberry Orange Glazed Ham

I like to make a ham for Christmas dinner and this idea for a cranberry orange glazed ham is a wonderful option that will add tons of aroma and flavor.

cranberry orange glazed ham Christmas recipe

RECIPE: Add A Pinch

Ham is probably the most popular meat to cook for Christmas dinner. To make the ham extra special, this orange cranberry glaze fits the bill. The ham plus the glaze will fill your home with a wonderful aroma.

Brussel Sprouts With Dried Cherries And Walnuts

Christmas recipes brussel sprouts

RECIPE: Tablespoon

Sauteed brussel sprouts are so yummy on their own. However, when you add dried cherries and walnuts they absolutely tantalize the taste buds. Christmas recipes like this are easy to make. Just add in some festive color. With the red and green, this presents well on a Christmas table.

Easy Roasted Potato Christmas Trees

christmas tree roasted potatoes


Roasted potatoes are super simple but the presentation is everything. The potatoes are held together with a toothpick while roasting and replaced with a rosemary sprig before serving.

For more festive Christmas recipes, check out my post on best recipes for crafting in the kitchen.



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