The Best Rustic Patio Furniture

To keep the outdoor seating area feeling natural, you may want to pick rustic patio furniture made from logs, branches or other rustic wood. These natural elements work with the outside environment and let the patio space flow right into the surrounding area.

I found some of the best patio furniture to really enhance the outdoor gathering space. All of the ideas are easy to incorporate into any home style. For more exterior ideas, check out my finds on rustic outdoor spaces.

Rustic Patio Furniture

Reclaimed teakwood table by The Log Furniture Place
This first set by The Log Furniture Place is quite unique. The table is made from reclaimed teak wood and covered with a glass tabletop. It looks as though a tree is sprouting right up from your patio to form into a cozy table for four.

Birch log furniture with cozy cushion comfort by BHG.

The rustic birch log furniture gets some cozy comfort with the added cushions in natural soothing colors. The darker twig embellished tables make a great contrast to the lighter color of the birch. You can see how the surrounding woods is just carried right over to the porch with this natural furniture.

Napa inspired rustic patio setting by Martha Stewart.

I just love this Napa inspired patio setting with the overhanging grapevines and the rustic patio furniture! A colorful tablecloth adds some sunny cheer and the bottle of wine is just and added plus!

A nice place to stop and take a rest from the outdoor activities!  This outdoor gathering area blends right into the surrounds and offers a cozy retreat.

Rustic patio bar retreat by Wood Furniture.

Step up to the bar at your own back yard retreat! These hefty log bar stools make a great seating arrangement for an outdoor rustic patio.
How do you like to decorate your patio? Can you see yourself incorporating some rustic patio furniture?

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  1. What are the dimensions for the Rustic Patio Bar by Wood Furniture? Or where can I find them? Also, what is the cost?
    Thanks, Mary

  2. I love the look of that reclaimed teak table set.

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