Decorating With Vintage Wooden Bobbins

If you shop any flea markets or antique stores you may have come across some vintage industrial bobbins. These large wooden bobbins make some great rustic decor accents. I’ll show you how to use and display the bobbins decoratively.

I have seen wooden bobbins used in simple groupings for a shabby chic look, made into candle holders, and even primitive dolls. For inspiration, I wanted to show you some examples of these bobbins being used as decorative accents.

I like to use them in simple groupings to enhance my decor.

Ways To Display Wooden Bobbins

This mason jar filled with bare wooden bobbins is an example of one such grouping. I added some thick twine and a fun vintage tag to the set to enhance the rustic look further.

wooden bobbins

Some of the bobbins that you may find are still wrapped with colorful threads. These can be especially fun to accent a room with a particular color scheme.

It just so happens that a couple of my threaded bobbins went quite well in my craft room with some of my sewing accents and decor.

vintage bobbins

Creative Uses For Wooden Bobbins

Besides simple displays, there are other fun ways to use bobbins creatively. Here are some other decorating ideas that I have found.

Bobbins As Vases

wooden bobbins and spools as vases

Here is an idea by Style Me Pretty for using the bobbins as little floral vases – how chic!

antique bobbins

Another example of using threaded bobbins in a color scheme that works for you is in this rustic setting by Feather and Nest Kim.

Add Bobbins To A Centerpiece

wooden bobbin centerpiece

I love this cheerful leave and bobbin display by Fig Tree Quilts. You could combine bobbins with any type of floral or leaf pick to bring in your desired color.

bobbin display


A grouping of vintage bobbins fits in quite nicely with old books!

Use Bobbins To Store Ribbon Or Lace

wooden thread spools


Finally, for a very shabby chic display, try wrapping some bobbins with vintage lace.

Do you collect vintage bobbins? What ways have you used them in your decor or crafts?

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  1. LOVE the white on white display!

  2. Wow, I never imagined so many uses for old bobbins and to think I’ve passed them by so many times because I couldn’t think of what to do with them!

  3. Thanks for sharing these creative and lovely ways to display antique bobbins. You always give me inspiration to bring out my own creativity. I LOVE your sewing box!

    1. I’m glad you have been inspired Gwen! I found my sewing box at Joann 🙂

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