50 Unique Ways To Repurpose Old Stuff

Before you throw anything out, you may want to give it a second look. Could that item be used for something else? There are so many ways to repurpose old things into new items that you may not have considered. I have put together a collection of 50 unique and creative ways to repurpose your old stuff.

A Collection Of Ways To Repurpose

1. Turn An Old Cutting Board Into A Rustic Spice Rack

ways to repurpose - cutting board made into a rustic spice rack

SOURCE: Country Living

If your cutting board is getting to old to actually use, then turn it into a rustic spice holder. This is a great way to repurpose old crates as well.

2. Turn Baby Food Jars Into A Chic Chandelier

baby food jars made into a chic chandelier

SOURCE: Mother Earth Living

Whether you have baby food jars or another type of small jar, they can be used to make a pretty candle chandelier.

3. Repurpose Mason Jars Into Wine Glasses

ways to repurpose - mason jar into wine glass

SOURCE: Krafting With K

Mason jars are great to repurpose as well. A fun wineglass can be a better way to use a mason jar.

4. Repurpose Tins Into Decorative Storage Containers

cookie tins transformed into decorative storage

TUTORIAL: Mod Podge Rocks

Old Christmas tins can be transformed into decorative storage containers using fabric and Mod Podge. For a more rustic look, try covering the tins in twine.

5. Transform An Old Book Into A Pretty Luminary

ways to repurpose - turn book pages into a luminary

TUTORIAL: Refab Diaries

Old books can be made into so many things. This book page luminary is just one pretty example.

6. Make A Vinyl Record Side Table

repurposed vinyl record side table

TUTORIAL: The Flourishing Abode

This side table project actually repurposes an old vinyl record and a planter stand. Two repurposes in one!

7. Repurpose A Dress Shirt Into a Decorative Pillow

ways to repurpose - an old dress shirt into a pillow

SOURCE: Whole Living

Why buy new fabric to make a pillow when you can easily repurpose an old dress shirt?

8. Make Chic Coasters Out Of Old CD’s

chic coasters made from old cds

TUTORIAL: Crafts By Amanda

Old cd’s and dvd’s don’t have to be thrown out when they can be made into chic coasters like these.

9. Repurpose CD’s Into Playing Card Holders

repurposed cd's into playing card holders

SOURCE: Thrifty Fun

You can also repurpose cd’s into fun playing card holders.

10. Make Decorative Key Chains Out Of Wine Corks

repurposed wine cork keychain

It’s always a good idea to save wine corks for wine cork crafts. This keychain craft is just one example.

TUTORIAL: How To Make Wine Cork Keychains

11. Crochet A Rug From Repurposed T-shirts

repurposed t-shirt rug

TUTORIAL: 1 Dog Woof

If you have enough old t-shirts, you can crochet yourself a nice rug.

12. Make A Desk Organizer From Recycled Soda Bottles

ways to repurpose - soda bottle desk organizer

TUTORIAL: Makezine

Soda bottle bottoms are the perfect size for storing small items. This desk organizer was made from repurposed soda bottles.

13. Use Tin Cans For Decorative Storage

ways to repurpose - tin cans for decorative storage

Tin cans are also perfect for storing small items. When they are decorated, they look great on a desk or a shelf.

TUTORIAL: How to repurpose cans for decorative storage

14. Transform A Vintage Suitcase Into A Fun Table

ways to repurpose - make a table from an old suitcase

SOURCE: The Art Of Doing Stuff

There are so many ways to use vintage suitcases in decorating. However, this bedside table is a favorite way to repurpose a suitcase.

15. Decorate Objects With Credit Cards Or Hotel Keys

ways to repurpose - decorate a birdhouse with credit cards

An assortment of colorful credit cards is a great way to decorate something like a birdhouse roof.

TUTORIAL: How To Decorate A Bird House With Credit Cards

16. Make Napkin Rings Out Of Paper Tubes

ways to repurpose - napkin rings out of paper tubes

Create napkin rings that coordinate with your table by wrapping fabric around a toilet paper tube.

TUTORIAL: How to make napkin rings out of toilet paper rolls

17. Turn A Dress Mannequin Into A Shelving Unit

repurposed mannequin shelving unit

SOURCE: Artifacts By Janie

This is such a fun idea for a shelving unit, especially in a sewing room!

18. Make A Magazine Holder Out Of A Cereal Box

cereal box magazine holder

If you are looking for a place to store papers or magazines, just repurpose a cereal box!

TUTORIAL: Make a paper holder out of a cereal box

19. Use Scrabble Letters To Make Unique Coasters

ways to repurpose - coasters made from scrabble letters

TUTORIAL: Intimate Weddings

Coasters made from Scrabble letters are unique and can be personalized.

20. Make A Bowl From A Vinyl Record

bowl made from a vinyl record

TUTORIAL: Thrifty Fun

Another way to repurpose a vinyl record is to make one into a bowl.

21. Use Scrap Fabric To Make Colorful Bowl Fillers

fabric scrap balls


If you are a sewer, fabric scraps can accumulate quickly. Use them to make some colorful balls for a bowl filler.

22. Repurpose Bottle Caps Into Magnets

bottle cap magnets

There are so many different bottle cap crafts! One of the fun ways to repurpose them is by making magnets.

TUTORIAL: Make a magnet board and magnets

23. Keep Business Cards Organized In A Mint Container

mint container business card holder


A mint container is the perfect size to hold business cards.

24. Decorate A Picture Frame With Magazine Pages

magazine page picture frame


Since magazine pages can be so colorful, they are great to use in decorating a picture frame.

25. Make A Planter Out Of A Shoe Box And Chopsticks

shoe box planter

TUTORIAL: What Else Michelle

I love the ways to repurpose with more than one item. This planter is made from a shoe box and chopsticks.

26. Combine Mismatched Dishes To Make Fun Pedestals

mismatched dishes turned into pedestal dishes

SOURCE: Martha Stewart

Pedestal trays add height and interest. These are made from mismatched dishes.

27. Use Old Clothes To Make A Patchwork Throw

old clothes throw

SOURCE: Martha Stewart

Sometimes old clothes aren’t even good enough to donate. Use them instead to make a patchwork throw.

28. Repurpose A Cutting Board Into A Clock

repurposed cutting board clock

SOURCE: Country Living

A cutting board can be made into a unique clock.

29. Turn A DVD Case Into A Fly Box For Fishing

dvd fly box

Sometimes a repurposed DVD case can be better used for fishing!

TUTORIAL: How to make a fly case out of a dvd case

30. Make A Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

mason jar soap dispensers

Mason jars make great gift items when they are turned into soap dispensers.

TUTORIAL: How to make mason jar soap dispensers

31. Make Gilded Vases From Mason Jars

mason jar vases

TUTORIAL: Country Living

You can also make pretty gilded vases out of mason jars.

32. Make Lanterns Out Of Radiator Sheets

radiator sheet lanterns

SOURCE: Ruffled Blog

Simple radiator sheets make such pretty lanterns.

33. Turn A Mason Jar Into A Wall Planter

mason jar wall planter

SOURCE: Not Just A Housewife

There are countless ways to repurpose mason jars. This wall planter is another great idea.

34. Repurpose A Kitchen Sifter Into A Pendant Light

repurposed sifter pendant light

An old sifter can still be used as a rustic industrial pendant light.

TUTORIAL: How to make a pendant light out of a kitchen sifter

35. Make A Mosaic Picture Frame With Credit Cards

credit card mosaic picture frame

TUTORIAL: Craft Stylish

It’s easy to create mosaics with cut up credit cards.

36. Decorate A Candle Holder With Buttons

button candle holders


A plain candle holder gets a pretty makeover when it is dressed with buttons.

37. Make Fingerless Gloves From Sweater Sleeves

fingerless gloves made from sweater sleeves

TUTORIAL: Foothill Home Companion

These fingerless gloves are a perfect old sweater craft.

38. Turn Toilet Paper Tubes Into Scissor Holders

toilet paper roll scissor holder

TUTORIAL: Crissy Crafts

Whenever toilet paper rolls are covered in fabirc, they get instant class! This craft room organizer is another great example.

39. Craft A Basket Out Of Newspaper

newspaper basker

TUTORIAL: How About Orange

A throw away item like a newspaper can get a second life as a basket.

40. Repurpose Plumbers Pipe Into A Pot Rack

plumbers pipe pot rack

There are so many ways to repurpose common plumbers pipe. A pot rack is one great idea.

41. Make A Lantern Out Of A Cereal Box

cereal box lantern

TUTORIAL: Choose To Thrive

Would you believe that this cute lantern is made from a cereal box?

42. Turn A Drinking Glass Into A Pencil Holder

drinking glass pencil holder

A mismatched drinking glass may seem like a throw away item. However, it can be repurposed into a decorative pencil holder.

TUTORIAL: How to turn a drinking glass into a decorative pencil holder

43. Make A Fun Bowl Out Of Clothespins

clothespin bowl

TUTORIAL: The Art Of Doing Stuff

Who would have thought that you can create such a nice bowl out of clothespins!

44. Decorate Accessories With Duct Tape

duct tape decorated accessories

TUTORIAL: House Of Hepworths

Because duct tape is already sticky, it’s easy to apply to your favorite accessories.

45. Turn Light Bulbs Into Bud Vases

light bulb bud vases

SOURCE: Care 2

Light bulbs make such delicate bud vases.

46. Create Hooks From Old Silverware

silverware hook

SOURCE: Create Love Grow

Turn old pieces of silverware into decorative hooks.

47. Turn Folding Chairs Into Closet Storage

closet storage made from hanging folding chairs


To create instant closet space, simply hang a couple of folding chairs on the wall. You get shelf and hanging space.

48. Turn A TV Into A Fish Tank

tv into fish tank

SOURCE: Aqua Hobby

Because old TVs can be hard to get rid of, it helps to come up with a new use. Turning one into a fish tank is super unique.

49. Make A Couch Out Of A Clawfoot Bathtub

clawfoot bathtub couch

SOURCE: Instructables

This is such a fun couch made from a clawfoot tub. We were actually going to do a project like this with the tub that came out of our renovation home. However, unfortunately the tub was stolen.

50. Turn A Broken Picture Frame Into A Jewelry Holder

picture frame jewelry holder

TUTORIAL: Kevin and Amanda

All is not lost if you break a picture frame. You can still use it as a functional earring holder.

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