Creative Ways To Organize

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There is nothing like the start of a fresh new year to make you want to get your house in order!  I have been cleaning out cupboards, closets and drawers and with each completed task, I find myself getting more and more relaxed.  A sense of order definitely feels good.

I was a little horrified at what had been piling up in the cupboards surrounding my kitchen desk.  There was actually still an elementary school directory of my son’s who is now seventeen!  I also found enough batteries and light bulbs to start my own store.

Something else that was taking up way too much space were several Christmas tins in varying sizes.  I plan on painting these and using them for much needed storage in my craft room.

Once I was finished with the desk drawers and overhead cupboards, I went to work on the actual work surface.  I normally have my phone charging on the desk as well as my camera within easy reach.  It was just a messy pile in the corner.  To make it look neater and more decorative, I pulled out a shabby four sectioned wood cubby that I had stored in my craft room.  I had picked it up from an antique store thinking that I could do something with it.  Now I was just going to use it to organize a few things and display a picture that would hide my charging cord.

The corner now looks much neater:


Here are some more creative ways to organize:

ledge shoe storage
Creative shoe storage by Apartment Therapy.

I happen to love shoes and storage can be a problem.  This idea using a ledge to hook heels from definitely takes care of the issue.

ribbon storage
Unique ribbon storage by Sew Chic And Unique

Organize your ribbons easily and keep them in plain view by placing them on a pants hanger.

Measuring cups in cabinet door by Bubbles

I like the idea of hanging measuring cups from little hooks inside a cabinet door.  However, this creative idea goes one step further by adding a conversion chart for making easy calculations.

Creative jewelry hanger by The Posh Space

This is such a cute and decorative way to display jewelry.  Just hang a wooden box holding a couple of empty bottles for organizing bracelets.

Old shutter for home office storage by Pendrake

An old shutter is perfect for sorting mail and other office storage.

Rake jewelry organizer by The Green Beagle

Broken off rakes or rake ends make ideal necklace holders.  I love the industrial rustic look!

What unique ways have you used to organize things in your home?  Share your ideas below!

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