Bag Clips You Can Make For Gifts Or Chips

You can really never have enough chip clips. I don’t know if it’s just us, but we have a lot of bags open at the same time. Whether it’s chips, nuts, coconut, or another pantry item, the bags all need to be resealed. There is an easy solution though. And, it’s one that is even decorative. You can simply make a whole stash of chip clips by using clothespins that you decorate.

Since almost everyone can use a chip clip or two, they also make a great small gift idea. In fact, use a decorative clothespin to clip a gift bag shut. It can later be used as a fun chip clip. That’s what I call killing to birds with one stone. Check out the gift clips that I used with a mini chalkboard attached for labeling.

DIY Bag Clips

All of these bag clip ideas use clothespins decorated in fun ways. With the huge variety of ways to decorate a clothespin, these ideas should inspire you to create your own. You can also easily make a bag clip to coordinate with a gift bag. One thing to be aware of, once you start making bag clips, you won’t want to stop. It’s such a quick an rewarding project.

Decorate A Bag Clip With Buttons

bag clips

I think that anything with polka dots makes a fun and cheerful statement. Create the look of dots using colorful buttons to decorate a clip. Just glue a pattern onto a wooden clothespin in the colors that you want. You can also layer buttons for more dimension. If you are using a plain gift bag, these clips add a nice decorative and cheerful accessory. Or, if using for chips, this is a nice way to decorate a party table when chips are left in bags.

There are so many other things that can be decorated with buttons as well. Make sure to check out all of the creative accessories, for the home, that are made with buttons.

Besides buttons, you can embellish a clothespin with things like typewriter keys, letter tiles, beads, or sequins. Embellish a plain wood clothespin or decorate the clothespin first with paint or paper.

Washi Tape Clips

TUTORIAL: Girl In The Garage

I really like Washi tape crafts. The tape is so versatile and comes in a huge variety of patterns and colors. It is so easy to decorate a clothespin with Washi tape and it’s also easy to change things up. Maybe you decorate in one pattern and then you want to change it for the holidays. Just peel the tape off and change to a holiday pattern. Or, simply make several sets. Since you get so many clothespins in a bag and the craft is addicting, it doesn’t hurt to make lots! For more ideas on using Washi tape, see how I used it for some Christmas decorating.

Use Decorative Paper And Mod Podge

decorative paper bag clips
TUTORIAL: Mod Podge Rocks

Similar to the Washi tape idea, these clothespins are adorned with decorative paper. Apply and seal the paper easily using Mod Podge decoupage. Because the paper is sealed the clips will hold up to a lot of use. Some ideas to use for the paper are craft paper, wrapping paper, maps, sheet music, book pages, or newspapers.

Do you like the idea of using decoupage for projects? If so, check out my coasters made from decoupaging magazine images on tile.

Bag Clips With A Stamped Design

stamped bag clips
SOURCE: Cottage In The Oaks

Using ink and a stamp pad is another super easy way to decorate clothespins for clips. Here, vintage clothespins were used but it will work on any type of wooden clothespin. These clips are especially decorative that they would be perfect for clipping gift bags or gift tags to a package. Other ideas, besides chip clips, would be to clip photos or messages. Just attach the clips to twine on a board or adhere a magnet to the back for the refrigerator.

Another option is to stamp words onto the clothespins to act as labels. Label pantry items or a gift bag with the recipient’s name. Using individual letter stamps, you can create a multitude of words.

Paint A Design

painted clothespins
TUTORIAL: Sister, What!

We can’t forget about using paint as an idea for decorating a clothespin. There are so many options just with paint. You can paint just half a clothespin or the whole thing a solid color. Or you can split two colors in half for a color blocked design. You can even paint your own design whether it be intricate or simple. Just get out your paints and have fun.

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