Washi Tape Crafts For Christmas Decorating

If you’ve never heard of washi tape before, you’ll never forget about it after seeing all of the great things that you can do with it. Washi tape is a decorative tape that comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns. It’s perfect for transforming plain decor into something eye catching and fun. The best part is that it’s so easy to use that anyone can work with it. I’ve compiled a collection of washi tape crafts and ideas that will inspire you to start using Washi tape for your holiday crafting.

Christmas Washi Tape Crafts

Create Festive Dishes With Washi Tape

My favorite way to use Washi tape is for making holiday dishes. Although, I love all of the festive dishes that you an buy for the holidays, I simply don’t have room to store extra dishes. Plus, I don’t really like spending all of that money just to use them a few times. So, I use Washi tape. It’s great for decorating plates, serving bowls, trays, and candy dishes.

Holiday Candy Dishes

washi tape crafts dishes

I like to use these little dessert dishes to hold candy and nuts. Although they have a pretty shape to them, they’re normally not so festive for Christmas. However, with the decorative Washi tape, they suddenly are party worthy. It’s such an easy transformation that you may want to keep tape on hand for every season and holiday!

Washi Tape Crafts Wall Art

Make A Wall Christmas Tree With Washi Tape

washi tape crafts wall trees

TUTORIAL: Brit and Co.

Are you short on space for a regular Christmas tree? Or, do you just want to add some holiday cheer to a blank wall? Then, simply create some fun wall Christmas trees using Washi tape. Since Washi tape is easy to put up and easy to take down, it makes the perfect tool for creating holiday wall art.

Create A Washi Tape Christmas Card Holder

washi tape crafts card tree

TUTORIAL: Thyme Is Honey

Combine Washi tape with garland and some clips to create a fun way to hang all of your greeting cards.

Add Extra Framing To Your Christmas Wall Art

washi tape crafts wall frames

TUTORIAL: Uncommon Designs

Wall art gets a little more pizzazz when it is framed or double framed in Washi tape. Add Washi tape wherever you want a little more pop for your photos or wall art.

Put Up A Reindeer Mount

washi tape crafts reindeer decal

TUTORIAL: Mouths Of Mums

This reindeer mount decal makes such a fun and whimsical Christmas decoration. It could even be used all year long for some fun rustic wall decor. The step by step tutorial makes it real easy to create this design yourself.

Other ideas for things that you can “draw” on the wall are gift packages, stars, or candy canes.

Washi Tape Crafts Christmas Ornaments

Make Decorative Christmas Balls

washi tape crafts christmas ornaments

TUTORIAL: Create Craft Love

Make unique Christmas ornaments with Washi tape and Styrofoam balls. Or, if you have old ball ornaments that you would like to give a new look to, simply wrap them in this decorative tape.

Create Fun Photo Ornaments

washi tape crafts photo ornaments


Washi Tape Crafts Candle Holders

washi tape crafts candle holders

TUTORIAL: How To Nest For Less

Glass candle holders are another great item to decorate with Washi tape.

More Ideas For Washi Tape Crafts

  1. Make decorative and fun coasters using Washi tape.
  2. Use Washi tape for gift wrapping. You can give plain Kraft paper or bags a more festive look.
  3. Give wooden spoon handles a fun accent.
  4. Decorate vases, jars, and buckets.
  5. Create decorative greeting cards using Washi tape.
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