Clothespin Christmas Crafts

You may be surprised at all of the Christmas decor you can make using clothespins. The natural wood and shape of a clothespin makes it a great craft supply for many projects. You can make things like snowflakes, Christmas ornaments, Christmas trees and more with a simple clothespin. Check out all of these ideas for creative clothespin Christmas crafts.

Christmas Decor Made With Clothespins

Although there are lots of clothespin crafts for everyday use. These projects are all clothespin Christmas crafts. For more ideas, check out what to do with clothespins.

clothespin Christmas crafts

Snowman Gift Clips

clothespin Christmas crafts

TUTORIAL: Ben Franklin Crafts

These cute little snowman clips are easily made from clothespins. Use them as gift toppers to clip on gift tags. Or, they can be used to clip a gift bag shut.

A Clothespin Christmas Tree

clothespin Christmas crafts

SOURCE: Brandi Sawyer

This cute rustic Christmas tree was crafted primarily from clothespins. The center of the tree is just a paper towel tube. For an added cute little touch, make a nest from a grapevine and apply it to the tree.

Easy To Make Clothespin Snowflakes

clothespin Christmas crafts

TUTORIAL: The Lettered Cottage

Once you have a basic clothespin snowflake made, there are so many fun ways to decorate it. Use paint, stain, glitter, and embellishments to make the snowflakes fit your style. Of course, you could even leave it plain for a more minimalist look. This snowflake ornament is so pretty and unique with the added letters.

A Collection Of Christmas Soldiers

clothespin Christmas crafts

TUTORIAL: Crafts By Amanda

These cute clothespin soldiers remind me of The Nutcracker musical and I just love them! Set them in a group on a table or shelf or hang them on your Christmas tree.

Christmas Card Display

clothespin christmas crafts

TUTORIAL: Kojo Designs

This colorful Christmas card display is a perfect way to use your clothespins. It’s a cute Christmas decoration that also has a functional use.

Clothespin Christmas Crafts Santa Ornament

clothespin Christmas crafts

TUTORIAL: Ho Ho Hobuken

Decorate your tree with some easy Santa ornaments made from clothespins. Because they are easy to make, you can fill your Christmas tree with them.

Organize Christmas Ribbon

clothespin Christmas crafts

SOURCE: Purely Katie

If you use a lot of ribbon for Christmas wrapping and decorating, clothespins are a great way to store extras. Not only do they keep ribbon organized but they look decorative setting out in a wire basket.

Make Reindeer To Clip To Your Tree

clothespin Christmas crafts

TUTORIAL: Babyccino

Instead of a hanging ornament, make these cute little reindeer that clip to your tree.

DIY Clothespin Wreath

clothespin Christmas crafts


Using two sizes of floral wire wreath forms, this wreath is easy to make. Just clip on the clothespins and you’re good to go. If you want to decorate it for Christmas, just add some ribbon or paint the clothespins.

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