Decorating A Fireplace Mantel: Fall Decor Ideas

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Since the fireplace is usually a focal point in most houses, the mantel tends to get the most decorating attention during the holidays or change of season.   I just finished several Fall craft projects and am ready to display them but it’s not as easy as just plopping them down in a row on the mantel.  I came up with a couple of ideas to make the most of my Fall decor.

Three of the crafts that I had made this year ended up being all about the same size.  Two pumpkins and one tin candle holder.  Even my “Raven” picture frame craft was about the same height.  This would make for a pretty boring display if I lined them all up together.  That is why I had to add a couple more items to add varying heights and interest.

To make my tin bucket candle holder taller than my pumpkins, I simply decided to raise it.

Since I already had kind of a shabby chic thing going with the candle holder, I gathered up some of my shabby old books in colors that blended with the candle holder decor.  This gave me just the amount of height that I needed on the one side of the picture to keep things interesting.

I wanted to group the two pumpkins together and didn’t want to raise either one.  Instead I decided to bring in a little height with the crystal vase filled with birch branches:

It broke up the height issue real nicely I think!  Then I just added some bead garland throughout the display and that was about it.  The lamps and favorite Central Park picture have been main stays for a while!  But what about “The Raven” picture?  It gets a spot below.  Here is a full picture:

I carry the natural look below to the hearth with baskets and candles and one Halloween picture!  Here is a close-up:

The somewhat spooky Edgar Allen Poe poem will have a bit of an eery glow when we light the candles that are in the fireplace!

Happy Decorating!

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