Decoupage Images To Canvas – Cheap Wall Art For Casual Spaces

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When you cut out your favorite images from a magazine and decoupage them to a canvas, you end up with some cheap wall art that is fun and out of the ordinary.

We needed something to fill a large wall in the lower level of our cabin.  The cabin is not a place where we want to have expensive paintings or photographs so it was time to get creative with this casual space.  My husband loves to hunt and some of the magazines he reads have photos that look practically nice enough to frame.  Since we needed to cover a large area we decided to buy a 30 inch by 48 inch canvas and I started to work on a collage.

Decoupaging the images, using Mod Podge, is a great way to create a collage.  The Mod Podge glues, seals and finishes the magazine clippings to the canvas.  All you have to do is brush some Mod Podge on to the back of your picture and then place it onto the canvas, smoothing out any wrinkles.  I still got some wrinkling on some of the thinner paper.  I had even tried spraying with an acrylic sealer first, which did help a little, but  a few of the papers were fussy.  Since I could tell right away that they weren’t going to smooth out easily, I could have easily removed them but opted to keep them since the image wasn’t affected – there was just a little more texture.  After getting the pictures in place, I put a thin coat of Mod Podge on top of the images with a soft brush.

I let this dry completely for about twenty minutes and then applied the finish coat.  Using a stiff brush, I applied a thick coat using an artist’s stroke to show the brush marks like a painting.  This gave it some depth and more texture.

The project wouldn’t be complete without adding some birch branches.  I simply hot glued some of the thinner flexible branches around the frame of the canvas, intertwining as I went.  To give a little more depth to the overall picture, I also decoupaged some natural dried weeds to the front of the canvas.

This project would also be great to do in a kids room with images of some of their favorite things or maybe an exercise room with inspirational messages.   Or, an easier project would be a small canvas with just one special image.  A flat magazine or poster image can look a lot more decorative when decoupaged to canvas with the depth and brush strokes.

I was left this tip from a reader:

Just a hint on the decopage for large areas.  run the magazine  photo thru your color copier and then it will be on thicker paper and will not be as likely to wrinkle.  Or just decopage it on printer paper and let dry. Then do on canvas or wall. I love your ideas

I will definitely give this a try next time!

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