How To Make A Cornucopia Horn Of Plenty

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Today’s post is brought to you by Chris Molnar of Theme A Party.  Chris will show you how to make this beautiful horn of plenty cornucopia that would be perfect for your Thanksgiving table.  This is what Chris has to say:

This cornucopia makes a great centerpiece for the entire fall season. It is very simple to make, and it saves you a lot of money compared to buying a fantastic centerpiece like this already-made. You can, of course, also tailor it to your specifications and make it uniquely yours. It’s a beautiful piece you’ll use year after year.

Supplies:*Large, wicker cornucopia filled with Styrofoam and covered with craft moss
*Gourd-shaped picks (pumpkins, squash, etc)
*Pine cone picks
*Berry picks

*Leaf picks
*Berry vine

(If you can’t find the items you want for your cornucopia in the form of a pick, you can use hot glue and glue your items to the Styrofoam, but I like to use picks so I can rearrange as I go).

1. Arrange the largest items for the centerpiece first. Push the pick all the way into the Styrofoam until the items feel securely attached to the cornucopia. If you don’t like how the item looks, just pull it out and place it elsewhere. Arrange all of the gourds first, beginning with the largest and working down to the smallest gourd.

2. After arranging the largest items, begin with the next largest items, the pine cones. Fill in any spots between the gourds so you cannot see any Styrofoam. It’s also cute to have some hanging out of the cornucopia.

3. Next fill in any spots with the leaves and the berries.

4. Finally, when you have all of the pieces arranged how you want them, twist the berry vine around and through the cornucopia. Stick one end in the Styrofoam, twist the vine throughout, and stick the other end in the Styrofoam. If you’re worried about the pieces staying in place, you can secure them with glue from a glue gun.

This centerpiece looks so beautiful, and it’s such a great piece for your Thanksgiving table. You can use any colors to fit with your fall decor. A neat variation I’m thinking of  for a Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving party is to add small footballs to the mix! Of course, definitely leave this great centerpiece out for the entire fall season.

Author:  Chris Molnar

Thank you Chris for this beautiful cornucopia horn of plenty tutorial!

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  1. Love your Cornucopia arrangement, easy steps to follow. Happy Thanksgiving!

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